Maintain Composure

Maintain Composure


Maintain Composure is a Pop Punk band that takes melody and catchy poetic lyrics and creates a musical master piece compareable to blink-182 or greenday Maintain Composure is the next heavy hitter in Pop Punk/Punk Rock music .


Maintain Composure is a Pop Punk quartet hailing from Dayton, Ohio. Lee Weiss, Mike Waldron, Joey Parker and Aaron Roberts Make up this musical Masterpiece. With in the last year Maintain Composure has played numerous shows and embarked on their first east coast tour and has constantly been in and out of the studio. In December Maintain Composure released Their Ep " Standard Procedure " with in 6 months the Ep was downloaded 10,000 times with the feed back the band got they knew it was time for a new album, so in March Maintain Composure went back into Babble Fish studios and began recording their debut Full Length album " Run Kid Run". The band took the Passion from their first album and created and infused melody and dynamics to produce " Run Kid Run". The boys released The Album on July 31st 2007. With songs Like Run Kid Run, The Anthem, Complicated and The Beginning the album will become a hit. check out Maintain Composure's new Full Length album " Run Kid Run "


Ep: Standard Procedure
Lp: Run Kid Run

Set List

Run Kid Run
Late Nights And Street Lights
Love on The Edge
Good Bye
The Beginning
The Rock Show * Blink-182 Cover
Family Heart Break
Grab The Duck Tape
As The Clock Strikes 7
The Anthem