Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

“Sounds like New Order covering Young Marble Giants during a blackout”. Les INROCKUPTIBLES


Maison Neuve are a band who love the guitar, the drums, the organ, the sax, paid jobs, insomnia and Paris. Maison Neuve were brought up on folklore music from places like Rodez, Stockholm, Toulouse or the Landes, while dreaming of Bossa Nova, Calypso and Rock’n’Roll when at the Père Lachaise. Maison Neuve invoke prophets and great female singers, they feel for sentimental excitement and fantasize about wild life, big cities and true love.

“Now and then, Maison Neuve drew attention on their songwriting skills, and were therefore considered supporters of a well defined pop, the same once claimed by the Sarah Records’ team or the Young Marble Giants. In fact, the minimal arrangements and the clarity of the vision, somehow echoing to Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Love and Hate, could have made you believe that their writing was tending towards standard pop. Yet, the remarkable intensity of their live performances soon enough convinced the fans that the purpose was slightly different.

When listening to the songs, you may notice traces of post-punk’s muse Lizzy Mercier-Descloux, Brasilian muse of tropicalism Nara Leao or The Walkmen’s electric crusade. This is not simply because these ones embody musical models for Maison Neuve, it is also because, each in their own way, were tragic heroes and idealists being part of various and changing forms of popular music over the past  50 years.

Joan is Maison Neuve’s first album benefiting from consistent distribution, following a few DIY projects released by the tiny Sauvage Records. This album enables to measure the expressive strength of the band’s songs. The large sample of human emotions presented is only matched by the sobriety of music used to transcribe them. This very contrast is sure enough the most fascinating aspect of the record. Drums are dry, guitars are black and the voice declaims the majestic melodies with the composure and steadiness of an oracle. But underneath this monochromatic environment, stories are being told, stories of going back to the wild, the attraction for huge cities, faith in love as a supreme value and despair linked to the remoteness childhood, stories about nomadism and the mother country. With Maison Neuve, human emotions become similar to these ancient statues: fixed in the stone and devoid of any color, they express all the more so their petrified grandeur.”


The Wrong Class

Written By: Guillaume Faure

We are living in the streets
In our beautiful outfits
Mom and dad born overseas
You can tell it from our skins
We are part of the wrong class
And sometimes we live too fast
Mum and dad born overseas
You can tell it from the skin

My daddy came to build your house
Losing his life on building sites
And now he’s walking down my street
A bit confused by modern times
My mummy is a silent wife
Oh I can tell you she’s so nice
And me, I’m living on the streets
In my beautiful outfit

And when I see you well-fed face
I want to hit it till it breaks

You can swallow you dandy ways
The game is tough, the game is real
You’ll be the witness of my angst
And somehow, this is no pure chance
You’ll be the witness of my pain
We are just links in a big chain

Under Skies Of Fire

Written By: Guillaume Faure

Don’t pass by
Your great love
Don’t be wild
Don’t be feral
Don’t be shy
For is as…
…as frightened as you

Don’t be stupid
You had been warned
A love like this
Could only tremble
Oh I’m not shy
I am just
Scared to death

Oh he just wants to kiss you
He just wants to make love
In a very simple way
He just wants to make love

I’m a cop
A cop of France
And he’s a looter
Of foreign descent

Oh I’m not shy
I am just

Under the rains of stones
Our love will overcome
Oh under the skies of fire
Our love shall overcome

For love is stronger
Than any war
Than any riot
Of any kind
Oh love is strong

Under the rains of stones
Our love will overcome
Oh under the skies of fire
Our love shall overcome

Sweet Soul

Written By: Guillaume Faure

In the land of men these days
New forces arise
Oh my daddy can you feel the change
That’s pushing me away from you arms

But are you
Yes are you
On my side?

Lord of males please be kind
To the Sweetsoul that I am
It’s my nerves, they are on fire
Can you see it with your holly eyes

But are you
Still are you
On my side?

And I, I’d so much like to be a man
That protects you after dusk
Who makes love like no one else
Who makes love like anyone

But are you
Yes are you
On my side?

And someday we’ll be priests of a new art
Life will be fun and music smart
And all our fears will go away
Oh Sun, you’ll shine on this new day
But are you
Still are you
On my side?

Au large de la ville

Written By: Guillaume Faure

Je devrais écrire
Comme tout le monde le fait
Et je devrais t’écrire
Pour te conjurer

Oh mon homme, tu es parti
Dans ce pays étranger
Ou les femmes sont très jolies
Et moi je suis en danger
Les petits sont magnifiques
Gentils et attentionnés
Oui nos fils sont magnifiques
Et moi je vais les noyer

Oh mon homme, tu es parti
Sans réellement te soucier
De ce que l’on pouvait dire
D’une femme abandonnée
Nos fils sont magnifiques
Je vais les noyer
Pour briser le maléfice

Qui gouverne mon foyer

Et au large de la ville
Dans la Seine immaculée
Oui au large de la ville
Deux petits corps vont flotter


"Joan" album, Talitres, 2011

Set List

You Are My Prophet
Under Skies Of Fire
The Wrong Class
Humble Hearts
L'attraction terrestre
Lizzy in the skies
(set list to be confirmed)