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Her voice is the fusion of soul, rhythm, life, and love. When she sings, the bluest note comes alive. It presents itself to unsuspecting listeners in a deep, mood indigo.


MaiZon is the twenty something harmony queen with the kind of vocal energy that moves crowds. It’s the kind that’ll make you think if Kelly Price and Jill Scott had mixed, this voice would be it. MaiZon is the classy but sassy woman about town who can set fire to any mic, stage or sound booth in a matter of minutes.

The singer/songwriter is determined to let the world see her shine by exposing her ample talent to anyone who’ll listen. See, MaiZon sings that ol’ fashioned rhythm and soul music, the kind that’ll make you jump completely out of your skin. The kind that makes the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck. MaiZon can shout with the best of them as well. With career influences like Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin it’s no wonder.

She’s the music maven that hails from Detroit City and she ain’t playin’. “..It feels good to sing,” MaiZon says in response to why she does what she does. She adds, “I’m a natural performer, so I just do me, a little bit of hip-hop, funk, poetry, gospel, and R&B...Soul music has no genre, but if it comes from the soul then it will speak to the soul. I speak about Love and what comes from Spirit more than that”. That churchy influence resonates over beats and breaks but it doesn’t over power the earthy aesthetic that makes the voice so outstanding.

MaiZon’s got good energy. She’s got a diva’s spirit and star power galore. MaiZon is singing the type of music that urban culture demands. Her rhythm and blues is laced with realism, emotion, and character. MaiZon sings songs in the key of life. She croon, chants, and hums what’s on the mind, heart, and soul of every day people. The music of MaiZon is honest, open and free.

MaiZon is fresh and stylish. She screams flavor when her seasoned chords belt out a tune in any rhythm kitchen. The melody connoisseur has also worked with a plethora of local producers and many more on the way, to come up with what we’ve all been anticipating. The woman with the velveteen voice, the one we call MaiZon injects a bit of blues, rock, and hip-hop into her big ballad funky stuff. What she does is little more than R&B. It’s a polyrhythmic culmination of all that she is, all that Love is, all that Life is.

Set List

Original Show includes: (Standard 30-60 min stage show)

That Chick
Key To Paradise
Never Been
What You Do To Me
So Good
Define My Way