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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop


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Majestic is a hit in the making. With a keen ear for music, he can produce a song that moves, and stays in rotation once heard. With versatility, he is able to rap over a broad range of tracks and deliver it with strength. His greatest asset is that he can ride a beat so well that the lyrics, the beat, and the listeners ear become one. The verse actually carries weight and says something. The words are not just there because one rhymes with the other. It has content. The only thing these songs are lacking is major distribution.

Throughout his rhymes, Majestic portrays the streets. The real life situations are his experiences on paper. He is an educated thug who offers a semi-motivational view of life that is depicted in his music.
When asked about his style, he replied,"I can cover the streets, the thugs, the parties, the ladies...I know my generation."

Born a New Yorker, Majestic got in the music business early by sponsoring parties in Atlanta. During High School, he was booking other rappers for shows and getting them together with producers when he decided to pursue rap as his own career. He recalls,
"I was in my room alone one day & I just sat on the bed and started rapping. I wasn't very good then (he laughs), and even now, after years of rhyming, I'm still my own worse critic. Which is why my product always comes out good - I have to appease myself first, and that is hard to do."

Majestic moved to Durham, NC after school and gained recognition by winning different contests and talent shows. That made him realize that he was actually good at rapping. He joined a group and developed the name NORTHSTARR for his crew. They recorded a few songs, but their ghetto lifestyle/situations kept them from really focusing on music. Majestic was determined to succeed so he moved back to GA, where he now resides, and decided to get serious about his career.

In ATLanta, he started out winning weekly freestyle sessions at DBS Sounds. He also recorded with Babylon Records and gained fans by performing throughout the metro area. In 2002 he was introduced by Long Play Productions on their compilation album "The Reign." The album never touched the stores or the internet and sold more than 5000 copies in 2003.

When NORTHSTARR was left without a producer, Majestic didn't quit or even slow down - Between working a 9-5, performing, and writing rhymes, he taught himself how to produce. He learned the Mp7 Workstation, MPC2000XL, MU Sound Module, RolandVS880, Protools, and the Triton Work Station. He got so good at it that he was offered a Studio Management position with Long Play Productions.

Now well groomed in the business Majestic, created Starr1 Production. Atlantas next great entertainment success. Starr1 is currently workin on majestics next project and adding on to a growing buzz.

Since that time, he has made 160 quality beats and recorded over 80 songs. With money and success as his main influence, Majestic plans to establish his name in the industry rapping as well as producing. In his own words, What sets him apart from others in the music industry is,
"I know what people want to hear and how to put it in a catchy, witty type of appeal."

Calvin “Real” Barnes was born May 26, 1975 in South Hill, Va. He was introduced to music at an early age due to his father being a gospel singer. Music quickly became his life and by the age of 5 he was already showing signs of being a performer. Always willing to entertain he became the “show” whenever friends came over. At the age of 7, he began singing regularly in the choir at his church. By the age of 8 ½ he began leading songs and at that time he realized the power his voice had over people. He joined his father’s group and began singing with them regularly. This also sparked an interest in instruments, so he began learning the keyboard and bass and lead guitar. He then experimented with the drums. By the age of 12, he had a feel for most of the instruments and most came pretty naturally. Then it was time to start combining talents.
By age 14, Real began to produce. His first track produced was for a local female named “Tia”. This song started a buzz in the area. Later that year at the age of 15, Real joined R&B group “Melo-S-Ence”. This group consisted of Real’s brother Tyreece, their two cousins and a friend. This group would later go on to sign a one year contract with Malaco Records. As luck would have it, the deal went bad and the group ended up stuck in a situation that was not beneficial. After the contract ended, “Melo-S-Ence” packed up and moved to Columbus, Ga, where they participated in numerous shows and functions such as the annual “Family Day in the Park” where they performed on shows with Faith Evans, Kutt Klose, Joe, etc. Things were going well until situations with family as well as personal things within the group began to surface. The group lasted anoth