Nashville, Tennessee, USA


It's disturbing just how deeply the whole Us vs. Them mentality has saturated our modern lives. Think about it for a moment. It surrounds us: race, religion, politics, class, artistic tastes, sports (well, I guess that's ok), business, and on and on and on. Sides are chose, lines are drawn and vitriol is unleashed with with fire and fury.

We need a unifier. We need a hero to rally around. We need someone to bring us together... Or maybe we just need a distraction from it all. Some great work of art - a sound, perhaps - that finally lets us drop our guard for a moment and enjoy life. Regardless of what we need, can we all just agree why we need it? Good. We're on the right.

Enter majestico.

He is a man, this one known as majestico. Nothing more, nothing less. Well maybe a little more; he's a song and dance man, you see. And he's here for you and for me and anyone within earshot. And I mean anyone. His music is for all. Hipsters, greasers, record store dorks, hippies, trust-fund hippies, your folks, the Greek kids, actual Greeks, cute girls, ugly dudes, white boys, black guys, Democrats, Republicans, sinners, saints, jocks, nerds, CEOs, mail room clerks, the aged, little-bitty babies... majestico is for all of you.

The band majestico is actually a five piece collective cultivate their psychedelic surf rock in the sprawling in Nashville, Tennessee. This collective consists of guitarist and lead singer Graham, guitarist Ben, Bass Guitarist Adam, Keyboardist Mitch, and drummer Johnathan. After forming in 2008 Majestico has become one of Nashville's most progressive original acts in recent memory. Their sound transcends presumption while retaining an arrogant self awareness that creates a flamboyant mixture of enriched loudness. Influenced by James Brown, T. Rex, and The Pixies, Majestico's glammy beard jams are intricately designed amicable punches to the face. Sean Maloney of Nashville Scene describes the Majestico sound as a charming little slab of scuzzy, fuzzy glam-rock that sounds like Mott the Hoople riffing on The Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the Man," or as we say in the biz, "It's my motherfuckin' jam!" Majestico is currently writing and recording music for their upcoming album.



Boundary Conditions - 2008

Tennesthesia - Compilation Album from Memetic Society