Los Angeles' Majestys are here and hold dear above all else, the concept of groove, love, life and style. By mixing elements of rock, pop and dance music. Majestys bring forth classic cool but for the new dance club generation.


2 life long friends here now in these times, making music. Extracting from all the history before them and making great use of what theyve learned to apply into their music today. Its poetry, its dance its life, love and creation.

Prismatic sounds with real time beats, cant help but feel good and move around.

What sets us apart from other bands is that we arent other bands. Whats a band? Were Majestys.



Well theyre all singles...

Set List

Take Me Higher
Its All We Dream About
You are Alive
Prismatic Sounds
Go Within'
Fire Floor
Have Some Fun
Pushin' & Shuvin'
Middle of the Night