Three twenty nothings who play like they've been in the business for decades combine relentless stage action, the likes of which are rarely seen nowadays, with a look and style that is totally they're own. Charasmatic, friendly, respectful and hard working. Genuinely different and exciting!


Shot out of Nottingham from a world of woodland outlaws and stylish boutiques, Majik are on a three-man mission to resurrect the psychedelic corpse of funk-rock. Taking the time to breathe life into a forgotten genre before dressing it in denim flares, teaching it how to seduce womankind and slapping its arse on the way out, the lads are ready to melt hearts, make waves and get those feet jiving again.

It may have taken ten years to take shape, but 2007 will be this band's year. In the same town where soul legend Edwin Starr died, the trio have paid their dues on the unsigned scene with nothing but a stern face, alcohol in their gut and a mirror in their pocket. But now, with a record deal with independent label Rock Revolution freshly inked, Majik are ready to take their sound to the masses.

Think Quentin Tarantino directing Pulp Fiction: The Musical. Think James Brown singing along to a Led Zeppelin riff while Elvis and Bootsy Collins fight over a Hendrix guitar lick and you're almost there. With influences ranging from Aerosmith to Funkadelic, Cream to Guns N' Roses and much more. With a new E.P. recorded, 'Heartbreaker', produced by Will Jackson (The Music/Kaiser Chiefs) and due for release this spring, the band have captured there unique sound on record.

On the road, the band bare their souls and their chests in the name of rock 'n' roll. In their time they've shown Nottingham what runs deep in the River Trent but now their mission lies nationwide, and their first hurdle came in September. Aboard the "Ignite The Tide" tour, supporting York-based sleaze-rockers Kid Ego, the band left the dingy rock holes behind and set up their kit in some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, including a hometown show in the main room at Rock City.

They are making sure their hair is big, their shirts are ripped and their trousers are tight. Prepare yourself, because with a rider consisting of a pack of Rennie, a bottle of Pantene Pro V and an extra towel, the lads are packed and ready to make mankind sing, dance and make love to the sound of Majik.


"Enter" LP - 2004 Monkey Fuss Recordings Ltd.
"Majik" EP - 2006 Rock Revolution Ltd. Produced By Will Jackson (Kaiser Cheifs, Suzy Quatro, Kid Ego)

Set List

Sets vary (depending on our allotted time) from 35 mins to 1 hr.

A typical 1 hr set:

Friday Night
Rock Me!
One Night Stand
Concrete Snowman
C U Next Tuesday
Dedicated Lover
My Shamona (Cover of "The Knack")
Take Your Love