MAJNUN plays original blues-based rock and classic covers with dynamic musical and vocal arrangements. With five songwriters and three lead vocalists, the band changes direction, sound and style throughout every performance. Majnun will capture your heart.


Miracles do happen. And the miracle of MAJNUN is that this is a band that shouldn't have happened. Yet, MAJNUN is very much alive. and MAJNUN rocks. No cattle calls, no auditions, nobody was chosen to be in the band. MAJNUN was literally formed by a few people that happened to show up in the living room of a tiny fourth floor apartment in New York City's East Village. Founding members Din Dayemi (lead vocals, guitar and songwriter) and Barbara Eidlin (lead vocals and songwriter) started trading licks on an old Martin Guitar in the spring of '93. Once things got rolling, it seemed as if anybody who could sing, beat a drum or play an instrument was either in the band or became a fan. Enter Wayne Weiseman, one of the three guitarists, lead vocalist and songwriter of MAJNUN's heartbreaking ballads, or Regina Flocco, who joined the band in '94 and now sings back-up vocals and is a vital part of the rhythm section.

As the songs were written and the music flowed, MAJNUN migrated in August `95 to a big house in Carbondale, Illinois, near the hills of the Shawnee Forest (America's Heartland). Sharing not only their love for music, but also a deep spiritual bond and a positive outlook on life, MAJNUN is literally a community. By 1998, additional members of the band proceeded to show up right on time. Speaking of timing, along came Tariq Brown, a wild drummer and songwriter and the always tasty, singer/songwriter, Satya Selah, on keyboards. After the addition of Bill Carter, electric guitar virtuoso, MAJNUN was fully born. After Jim King, the newest addition, brought his unique passion to the bass, all the ingredients for magic were in place. MAJNUN's sound found itself rooted in the golden days of the late 60's and early 70's when music was still startlingly fresh and its resurgence in Europe is being called "handmade music."

A name originally inspired by the secret mystics of the ancient east, MAJNUN first played under the banner of "Sufis From Hell." With this colorful cast of characters, it's no wonder that MAJNUN jokingly dubbed itself "the greatest pickup band in the world." MAJNUN definitely does not fit in a box. Rock, Blues, Folk, Ballads and Soul. What is it? Anybody's guess.

After playing the club and festival scene in their homestate of Illinois, the band has been heralded by audiences and the press alike for the strength of its creative songwriting, lush vocals and solid musicianship.

This past summer MAJNUN romped through Europe on their second overseas tour. European audiences danced and delighted to MAJNUN from the concert stages of large outdoor festivals, beer gardens, underground clubs and converted WW II bunkers. Majnun will return for the third European tour during the summer of 2006.

MAJNUN`s big sound can rock the house...nobody sits still; and the quiet ballads, with three and four-part vocals, can make you cry bittersweet tears. The power of MAJNUN is in its live presence. The band will stun you with tremendous good energy as it morphs into a different sounding band with each number. MAJNUN is a blast of legitimately fresh creativity. A real band, writing and performing original music, spontaneously inspiring, playing with real instruments and with real people singing. No gimmicks, no overdubs, no loops or samples. No overproduction and no commercial hype. Just great music. . . plain and simple. MAJNUN writes it, plays it and you love it.

And as the name "MAJNUN" is taken from a character in an ancient Persian epic meaning "mad, crazy lover," there's no doubt that you will also fall madly in love with MAJNUN.


Majnun -- 2003
Live at "Der Club" -- 2004
Over and Over -- 2006

Set List

Our set list for Europe, 2006.
Majnun plays over 60 original songs, classic covers, and can set up to play any venue.

SET ONE (all originals unless otherwise noted)
Mission Bell
Going' Back to Egypt
Baby Caught the Katy (cover)
Hand in Hand
For What It’s Worth/Loud & Clear (cover/original)
Inch of Rain
Black Ship
Latin Seas & Skies
Nothing Left

Over & Over
Sage Blues
Son of Man (M)
Can’t Hear Nuthin’
Edge of the World
I Am Bound
11th Hour
Ain’t It Something
Deep Water