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Whiting, Indiana, United States | SELF

Whiting, Indiana, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


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Dooms Day
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"There are a lot of people who are just followers and do things because everyone else is doing it. I'm trying to lead by example," says upcoming recording artist Major. "I won't do anything just for a dollar. There are people right now who will jump off a cliff for a million dollars if they seen someone else do it, but they would fail to realize the person they saw do had a parachute on his/her back. I refuse to be one of those people who would just follow the crowd to get a dollar.”

The Independent unsigned artist strives to constantly elevate, adapt and grow through his music, his business ventures, and his relationships. These traits helped him become a mixtape phenomenon even though he an unsigned artist. Major has managed to become an internet forerunner and learned early that they are a lot of politics behind the music industry.

All of his actions and motives were put into motion with the release of his mixtape Dooms Day which released on April 26, 2010."I wanted to do something different, I got tired of hearing the same old verses from every other artist and with this mixtape and future projects I’m going to be different.”

The mixtape goes to talk about several struggles the young artist has endured. From those who did nothing but criticize his work as he made reference to them in a song titled “Man It Feels Good.” Also made reference to those who said they would help but left him high and dry alone which gave him the idea for the song “Own”.

When asked if had any problems with any other artist in the industry either on a major label, independent label or unsigned artist his response was “no I don’t have problems with any other artist and for the artist that think I do well think what you want to think I know what’ s real.”

We then asked him about why he doesn’t curse in his lyrics he then said “honestly I don’t like the parental advisory , no but for real I want my content to be clean for everyone to hear. I’m a strong believer in what you say affects how people look at you, think about if every line from me ended in a curse word people would begin to look at me as unprofessional, which is the image I’m not trying to portray”.

As the eldest child in the household, Major had to learn how to hustle and get paid at a young age, “I never wanted to sell drugs was never interested in doing it because one day you will get caught I told myself if I was going to make money I was going to do it the right way and when I did get caught making money I had to pay Uncle Sam. There were days where I couldn’t afford to eat lunch then there was days where I could eat for a whole month and not have to worry about not eating, I even helped a few others get food to eat.”

Major poured his energy into rapping, connected with the many other artist, and even thought about starting his own but felt it would be better to remain solo. Every step of the way he learned and studied how to become successful in the music business: how to make sure you got paid for your work, how to treat DJs, how to interact with fans, and how to deal with people who criticized him.

"I just worked hard and continued doing what I was doing," he recalls. "I was never worried about anybody else. All you can do is get into the studio and put 110 percent into making the best music you can, and then you go out into the marketplace and push it 110 percent. That's my formula for everything."

And for a man that continues to challenge himself to be innovative, creative and successful, Major shows no signs of slowing down in any way. "People are scared to roll the dice," he says. "I feel like if you work hard, you'll always have good results. I'm living proof of that."