Freeport, New York, USA
BandHip HopGothic


What can be said about the artist MAJOR BIZ ? The same that was said about iconic legends like Biggie,Jay-Z, Tupac,and Rakim. Each one of these men presented a vocal and lyrical talent unapproachable by their current constituents. Their impact on Hip-Hop culture has been timeless,and unprecedented. Like many up and coming artists, MAJOR BIZ studied all the classics and watched their respective careers blossom. Instead of copying their flow and image MAJOR BIZ fashioned a flow so unique and ground-breaking i'll capture any audience. His strive to develop a persona that would leave lasting impressions upon all those who encountered him. With his unmatched lyrical flow & writing skills MAJOR BIZ will prove that New York is in fact the birth place of Legends.....


I Know She Wit It - Single
Major Biz