major F & dealio

major F & dealio

 San Clemente, California, USA

A very talented teenage band who play as if they have been playing together for 20 years. The band has two members that currently are enrolled in Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) and play major venues such as: Whisky, The Roxy, Coachhouse and many more.


major F & dealio may be young, but you'd never know it listening to this talented and energetic rock band from San Clemente, Ca. This band of four was founded by female drummer, Madi Vogt (16) and bassist, Joe Allegretto (17) who started jamming and felt a connection. It wasn't long before they they found Rafi Caro (15), lead guitarist and Logan McGarry (17) vocals/guitar. They knew without a doubt this was the perfect fit. They have developed their sound and style and begun creating and writing their own music, as well as putting their own twists to songs by other artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Living Colour, Franz Ferdinand.

You will be completely sucked in by their musicianship, contagious energy, fun, and obvious connection with each other. This is one band you have to hear.


We currently have 5 originals that are in their final stages of mixing.

Set List

What Now - Original
You're Only- Original
Vivid- Original
Harmonious- Original
Split- Original
Take me out - franz ferdinand
Steady as she goes - the raconteurs
Canary in a Coalmine - The police
In one ear - Cage the Elephant
Miserable- Lit
Shes a genius - Jet
Message in a bottle - The Police
Cissy strut - The meters, this is our intro
Pride and joy -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Cult of personality -Living Coulor
Come together -The Beatles
Eruption and Really got me - Van Halen
Fire - Jimi Hendrix