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-"The Weitghlifter" EP 2005
-"...And The Machines Will Never Wake Us" -album 2007
-"When I Am With You You Are Safe" -single January 2009
-"When I Am With You You Are Safe" -album February 2009

-Radio airplay from Finnish national broadcaster, YleX.
-Performance in Music & Media (Finland) 2007. Gig was aired on national TV.
-Performing at By:Larm in Oslo, Norway 2009
CocaCola+iTunes "Take Off" band competition finalist.



Sometimes there's a dude, in this case there are three, who know something that others don't seem to know. They seem to have a mutual understanding of things, such as: aggression can be a positive source of energy and you CAN like your mom and at the same time play in a band, you don't necessarily need tight jeans or keychains to have an impact on people, siika is finnish for arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) and eating unprepared poultry is strongly discouraged.

Major Label is an alternative rock/metal trio from Helsinki, Finland. After searching for the right musical direction for a couple of years, vocalist/guitarist, Arto Tuunela and basist, Tero Saraperä, found Ilari Kivelä to play the drums, after which they soon signed a record deal. This had nothing to do with Ilari's dashing looks, just with the fact that things seemed to click. The band's first album "...And the machines will never wake us" was released through Elements music in September 2007, and the first single: 'My time', got plenty of airplay on finnish radio. The rest of the year Major Label toured Finland.

The second album will see daylight in february 2009 and carries the name: "When I am with you you are safe". It will be better, more mature and whatnot, definitely worth your while. At the moment you can check out the new single: "When I am with you you are safe", and find out what the three dudes already know: Major Label looks good, at least ok on/in/under you.

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