Major Lyric

Major Lyric

 Forest Park, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop


Major Lyric, whose real name is Dante Gates Jr, is an aspiring lyricist who is trying to make a mark in the music industry. His gift in music emerged when he started writing and performing at the age of 9. He later joined his first music group, A-town Boyz. As he went on to high school, he began to mature and realized he was multi-talented. He auditioned for E.Y.E, (Empowered Youth Entertainment Program), which is a program for actors & actresses, and surprisingly he made the as into the program. He had a major lead role in Dream Girls which showcased his talent for acting. Even with a busy schedule in acting, he was still able to critique his skills in music as the group began to developed their own unique style, sound and image which resulted in the group F.O.E(Fam Ova Everythang ) Da Clique. He was also fulfilling his dream with honors in helping to establish the publishing company Fam Ova Everythang Music. Major is now currently working on his solo project under his new label “Mosuay Muziq Ent”. Major Lyric energetic single "Playa Mode" and newly released mixtape "Everythang Playa" is impacting the clubs as well as making noise in the street. Major’s drive and hunger to be in the music industry has given him the ability to hold his own up against the hottest artists in the game. His street buzz is immaculate, his internet following is tremendous, and has received great feedback from his supporters. Major Lyric's music has captured audiences with intelligent wordplay, stunning metaphors, and cunning street knowledge while still carrying a message. Major’s notable quote "I am not a thug, I am not a gangsta, everythang just Playa."


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