Major Magick

Major Magick


Currently there is a demand in music for a band that simply demands attention. On a journey somewhere between sonic rock and funk fusion you will find the Major Magick experience.


Charging the music scene of the Carolinas with incredible force and fervor, Major Magick is bringing their passionate blend of rock, funk, and soul out of the High Country and to the masses.

Since forming in January of 2008, Major Magick has poured every ounce of energy into the mastering of their unique sound, and the hard work is paying off. The High Country Press listed Major Magick as one of the Best Live Acts of 2008 (High Country Press; January 08, 2009) and they are currently in the studio recording their first LP with Split Rail Records (Do it to Julia, Defending Brooklyn). They have shared the stage with many other local favorites including Bafoodus, Hope Massive, look what i did, Naked Gods, Andy Page, and Melissa Reaves. However, they have also recently headlined Legends, Dragonfly Theatre & Pub, Boone Saloon, and Murphy’s Pub in Boone, NC as well as Mansion 462 in Chapel Hill, NC.

David Brewer, High Country Press, referred to Major Magick as “funk-tastic, fusion, soul, pop, rock.” (High Country Press; December 25, 2008) The soulful touch to the Zappa-esque rock comes from charismatic front man Stephon LaMar. Heavily influenced by Michael Jackson at a young age, LaMar has become an accomplished singer/songwriter himself, and brings a silky soulful voice that has been compared to John Legend and referred to as “the best set of pipes in town.” Kyle Rozich (guitar/vocals) brings a strong combination of mammoth riffs and soaring melodies that have been sharpened in stints with Laura Reed & Deep Pocket and the Melissa Reaves Group. Mike Runyon (keyboard) extends the musical horizon of Major Magick with twenty years of classic piano training. Runyon played with the Appalachian Symphony Orchestra and has won numerous state awards for piano. At the core of the Major Magick's driving grooves are Nate Osborne (drums) and Cody Adams (bass). Osborne, the son of a percussionist and a thespian, he has been classically trained in jazz, funk, and hip hop. Adams' bass approach stems from his fervent studies of bass virtuosos Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorious, and Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai).

All of these musicians combined lead to a bombastic display of groove and charisma in a spellbinding performance with no one left unsatisfied.


Feats of Strength (EP) 2008

Set List

Major Magick prefers to play original material, but can perform covers if requested.