Major Moves Entertainment

Major Moves Entertainment

 Redding, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Major Moves Entertainment, the future of hip hop. Compiled of rappers, singers, and producers across the USA.


In 2006, in Redding, CA, a 15 year old had a dream. That dream was to run his own record label! This dream came true in 2010! Major Moves Entertainment was born. Music Producer Jon Castaneda and his cousin Andrew Ramos established a system to find and develop new artists. From the connections and knowledge that Jon Castaneda has, and the charisma and popularity Andrew Ramos has, Major Moves Entertainment emerged and has grown. Major Moves Entertainment roster includes Remedy (real name Josh Stevenson), JR Hendrix (real name Samuel Rodgers), Young 45 (real name Colt Wytalier), Tony & Jesus Anguiano, and Jon Castaneda himself. Jon Castaneda is currently working with acclaimed national producer HC the Chemist on his album "Aviation" coming soon!

Set List

Major Moves Entertainment - When We Ride
Remedy & Young 45 - Back In The Day
Young 45 - Airplanes
Young 45 - It's Nothin'
Remedy - Til I Die
Remedy - Bitch I'm Paid
Baby Loc - Bitch Niggaz
Baby Loc - Mad At My Swag
Major Moves Entertainment - We Out!