Major Parkinson
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Major Parkinson

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review Excerpt 9 (German)"

Diese Band hat Feuer unterm Arsch. Das Beste aber ist, die Songs wirken niemals plakativ, womit sie sich direkt neben Gogol Bordello einreihen, ohne allerdings das Gaspedal voll durchzutreten. Major Parkinson wissen, wie man Dynamik aufbaut und mähen damit ein fettes Ausrufezeichen ins Sonnenblumenfeld der Rockmusik. Ein imposantes Werk. -

"Review Excerpt 10 (German)"

"Major Parkinson" ist ein unglaubliches Album, voller Verrücktheiten, musikalischer Überraschungen und sowohl beklemmender als auch erfreuender Wandlungen in den einzelnen Stücken. -

"Review Excerpt 1"

"A huge album, exactly what norwegian pop music needs." - Dagens Næringsliv

"Review Excerpt 2"

".. Major Parkinson is a neverending fountain of intelligent hooks and brilliant melodies.." - Bergensavisen

"Review Excerpt 3"

“.. While listening to this record, you get the feeling that this is the finished soundtrack to a movie Tim Burton has not yet made.” - Trønderavisa

"Review Excerpt 4"

“.. With the aesthetics of The Pixies, the boldness of Frank Zappa, and lyrics from a bizarre, ugly and painful place, Major Parkinson has made a record from out of this world.” - Tønsbergs Blad

"Review Excerpt 5"

“.. Major Parkinson sound like they’ve shared a room with Mr. Bungle and Primus at Kaizers Orchestra’s mental asylum, Dieter Meyer’s Institution, but have been released before picking up on all the others’ habits. In short; it’s weird, well played and, well, Major Parkinson.” - All Scandinavian Music

"Review Excerpt 6"

“.. Major Parkinson has succeeded in making progressive rock with sounds that are rare, even for prog. It’s brand new and sparkling.” - Spirit

"Review Excerpt 7"

“.. Major Parkinson is a bit odd. It’s energetic rock, based on multiple genres. It’s original, cool and really worth checking out.” -

"Review Excerpt 8"

“.. This debut album is, despite all the theatrics, first and foremost a collection of versatile and brilliant riffs, verses and choruses.” - Dagbladet


LPs: "Major Parkinson" (2008)
Singles: Bicycle Disco! (2008)

Debut album "Major Parkinson" out on Itunes, Spotify and various other streaming sites. Released by Degaton Records in Norway, with distribution in Scandinavia and Holland. Released by Waggle-Daggle records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 23rd of October 2009.



Major Parkinson is a band of many faces. It's The Shadows on acid, a delusional, schizophrenic Paul Anka, the bastard child of SOAD and The Cardiacs, or whatever you want them to be. These Norwegians have a seemingly endless supply of musical firepower at their disposal.

The self-entitled debut album of Major Parkinson was pieced together in Sylvia Massy's Radiostar Studios in California, and produced by the legend herself. Massy has previously worked with names such as Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down and Johnny Cash.

The album release in August 2008 was received with rave reviews in the norwegian press and instantly cemented the bands reputation as one of the most exciting acts in the nation. A band notorious for live shows bordering on the insane, the record brilliantly captures the raw musical energy of Major Parkinson, and connotations to vaudeville and burlesque fantasies are never far away.

The lyrics tell the story of the delusional Major Parkinson, a man close to the edge, searching blindly for clues to understand his seemingly meaningless life.

"Major Parkinson" is a true jack-in-the-box of divine melodies and catchy hooks, a musical stray dog sneaking through the dark alleys of your mind. Norways second biggest newspaper, Dagbladet named Major Parkinsons debut the 11th best Norwegian album of 2008.

Major Parkinson is entering the studio to record their follow-up album in january 2010, with a scheduled release sometime in August.