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"Here's a few quotes from the SKIR-reviews:"

“Teeming with creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm, Skir is delightful listening.”....

Hamar Arbeiderblad

.. ..

“Majorstuen was a pioneering act at a time when the traditional music scene struggled to reach beyond the championship circuit. Ten years later, Skir comes across as the band’s best album and some of the very best the whole scene has to offer. Playful and serious, the album is a tribute to their roots and a tour de force that demonstrates the revitalising effects of fresh impulses and what the band terms ‘hardcore’ fiddle playing.”....


.. ..

“The band unites contradictory qualities such as playfulness, taste, imagination, recklessness, control, eccentricity, quiet and loud, as only the very best of musicians can do.”....


.. ..

“Their musicianship is of course excellent, the performances elegant and totally uncompromising. This is truly a labour of love.”....


.. ..

“Lively, calm and humorous, Majorstuen is bursting with talent, creativity and youthful enthusiasm.”....


.. ..

“The band’s fourth album, Skir, is a playful, catchy and altogether extraordinary album seething with musical energy.”....


.. ..

“Even the most ardent detractor of traditional music cannot help but love this band.”....


.. ..

“This is fiddle purism all the way, with no trace of electronics or fancy, unusual instrumentation. Their originality rests on musical insight, virtuoso bowing and gripping combinations.”....


.. ..

“This way, they reach both the reinlender and pols enthusiasts and those who would rather take part inn a line dance or just jump right in. As such, this is a straight-forward, honest popularization of traditional music.”....

Bergens Tidende

- Hamar Arbeiderblad, Dagsavisen, Ostlendingen, Firdaposten, Aftenposten, Tronder-Avisa, Bergensavisen


Majorstuen (2L 2002)
Jorun Jogga (MFC 2004)
Juledrøm (MFC 2006)
Skir (MFC 2010)



When the members of Majorstuen came together ten years ago, it was with one simple goal: to challenge themselves, their instruments and Norwegian
traditional music. The constraints were clearly stated and absolute: only stringed instruments, and no electronic gadgetry. Ten years later, these constraints still apply. And even today, they pose no obstacle to the creativity, playfulness and sheer sense of freedom inherent in Majorstuen’s music.

The fiddlers’ ability to inspire, surprise and challenge has garnered them a string of awards, among them a Spellemann (the Norwegian Grammy) for their debut album. They have travelled far and wide for ten years to the delight of international audiences in France, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Mexico and Canada, in addition to countless appearances for Norwegian audiences in ages nine to ninety.

"This young and creatice collective succeeds in utilising the totality of artistic ingredients within the Norwegian musical heritage, thus producing breathtaking new perspectives." Music Information Centre, Norway.

Folk musicians of the year, Rikskonsertene 2005
Hilmar-prisen 2005
Spellemannprisen 2003