Makayan is the creator of the secret sound wave which morphs all who experience its vibration into a unified ball of happiness. Equipped with a heavy bag containing every genre imaginable, 5 tons of arrangement, a mega-jar of jams, and the infinite groove, the band embarks on their musical conquest.


The first time that Dennis, Zach, Elie, Simon, and Ben jammed together in the basement of Makayan, it was a dark and stormy night. As the song they were playing gently morphed itself into Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," the intensity and fusion of the sounds they were creating were continuously rising to uncharted territories of jamming. Suddenly they reached a peak that was terrifyingly beautiful with sounds so sacred that only the four humans who created them were allowed to hear them for a split second, and at that instant their house was struck by a bolt of lightning. The three guitarists were instantly shocked through their guitars, meanwhile Ben & Simon, not yet official members of Makayan were hit by a bolt of electricity which shot two feet between an unplugged guitar cable and the drum set, leaving Ben's foot with a burning sensation for a few days. realizing the abnormality of this occurrence, the five musicians stood watching the storm through the open garage door realizing that there must be some great message which the spirit of the earth was trying to relay to them. A few days later the decision was made to add Ben & Simon to the band, and this was Makayan.
The other three members, Elie, Zach, and Dennis, were high school friends from Durham who used to congregate most nights at Dennis's house since it was the only place they and their friends were allowed to play music at any time. A rare bond grew between many of the musicians who frequented that dwelling, which was unfortunately torn apart when they each went to college in different cities: Dennis in Greensboro, Zach in Delaware, and Elie in Asheville. The next chapter in their story is chronicled in their song "Barnold," which tells the story of a brave young man who could not fulfill the requirements of the evil Professor Barnold, and decided to give up school to play in a progressive rock band. So Zach moved to Greensboro, to start a band with Dennis and two other frequenters of Dennis's house in Durham. That band was called Dirty Feat, and was the foundation of what would eventually become Makayan. Meanwhile Elie was still in school in Asheville and had started the funk group Spicy Moustache and the Flavior Saviors with 9 of his friends, one of which happened to be Ben. Dirty Feat was looking to reach greater heights than could be met in Greensboro, so Dennis quit school and the band moved to Asheville, but the drummer and bassist decided to stay behind. So Dennis and Zach moved to Asheville and Elie, who had missed the high school jams with them so much, immediately agreed to join their band. For their first year the band played with drummer Jesse Skar. Their first show was for Dennis's birthday at a little dive bar called Mike's Side Pocket, as it was the only place which would book them one day in advance. They went in without a name, knowing that by the end of the night they would have a name. The band played two sets that night. At the end of the first set, they were very excitedly greeted by a mysterious member of the crowd named Frank. He approached they band as they were leaving the stage, and said to them, "Wow, while you were playing, I think you guys almost reached Makayan," to which the band replied, "thank you, what does that mean?" and Frank's response was "I don't know."
The band decided to name themselves Makayan, with the goal of manifesting that mystery state of musical madness. As Elie was giving Frank a ride home, Frank revealed the definition of the word Makayan to him, this definition is now kept as a secret between the band and close friends.
Makayan has been very lucky to play with many great bands around the area and to many beautiful fans. They continue to produce delicious jams and do not intend to stop until they have infected every living creature in the universe with the sound waves of universal happiness which they hold the secret key to creating. Makayan loves you.



Written By: Dennis Veazey

No one will wake me up
I've been sleeping here for years
The ocean has got some jokes
Don't believe every one you hear

The wind becomes too much
Familiar people become a blur
But fire adds a nice touch
I don't think I want to go swimming anymore

Go on, introduce your self
I saw you out there in the waves
Come on, don't be so shy
Certainly Hell has got a name

The water ain't the same
And we can't stay

I awoke to the sound of commotion
Standing at the edge of a dream that I thought that I knew
Its been years since I sailed with such devotion
Grab my crew cause a voyage is coming on soon

Come the day for my ship to sail the ocean
Things are looking grim but I've gotta go it alone
But I've never been to good at calculation
Feeling shipwrecked and I don't think I'm coming back home

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat

Written By: Zach Sykes

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat
Walking down a jelly street
He's looking for something
Something oh so good to eat

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat X 2

Well if you just bring me some peanut butter
Well I'll supply the jelly
You and me mister cat we can get together now
Fill up our bellies

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat X 2

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat
Walking down a jelly street
Looking for something good to eat X 4
To fill his belly

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat
He lives alone
Searching all his days so far and wide
For someone to condone.

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat X 4

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat
Walking down a jelly street
Looking for something good to eat X 2
To fill his belly

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat X 4

Peanut Butter Jelly Cat
Walks along a jelly street
Looking for something to good to eat
To fill his belly


Written By: Zach Sykes

Russell was a sailor and he sailed the seven seas
Searching all his days for the gold he did not need
For the gold that he did not need

Filled up with malice, his eyes on the prize
His soul all shriveled like a raisin, was all worn out and dried
So he thought he was going to heaven.

Russell take a look, at what you've become
A nations worth of gold and for what have you become

Eyes on redemption, Russell docked his boat ashore
He made his way down the beach and he knock-knocked on the door
So he knocked right on the door

The rejection was more than he could bear
They said we don't want you up here, you belong down there.
So he thought he was going to heaven.

Russell take a look, at what you've become
A nations worth of gold and for what have you become

Woahh, did I make the wrong decision?
Woahh, clouds of evil fogged my vision
Woahh, did I make the wrong decision?
I just want want to go back home, home, home, home, home


Makayan EP

Set List

Our setlists change from night to night.

We usually play one or two (1.5 hour sets), and currently have enough material to play for 4+hrs.

We maintain a heavy concentration on original material, with an appropriate blend of covers.

Original Songs:
9.Peanut Butter Jelly Cat
10.Peking Duck
14.Shipwrecked Overture
16.Stone Circle
17.Texture is Key

Time - Pink Floyd
Cissy Strut - The Meters
The Grobe - Ween
You Enjoy Myself - Phish
I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles
Cross-eyed and Painless - The Talking Heads
The Entertainer - Scott Joplin
Achilles Last Stand- Led Zeppelin
Jailhouse Rock- Elvis
Drift Away- Dobie Gray
Thriller - Micheal Jackson
Fire - Jimmy Hendrix
The Other One - The Grateful Dead
Bowser's Castle Theme- Super Mario World 2