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The best kept secret in music


"The Wu Family"

-Mekeba Mooncycle-
Another Wu-FAM female MC hailing from Brooklyn NYC, her claim to Wu-FAM fame is that she is Prodigal Sunn's (from Sunz Of Man) older sister, not to mention she's a pretty dope MC. Mekeba appears with Sunz of Man on the classic Sunz cut 'We Can't Be Touched', but she WILL have a solo album, and a debut single is expected soon, the single will be 'AHHH!!!' b/w 'High Plainz Drifta' produced by The Dungeon Master & Chops (from the Mountain Bros), also featuring members of the United Kingdom, it should be released on 'Mmm...' records (Extremely Underground).. Watch out for this MC.


"Makeba Mooncycle"

Female Wu-fam emcee, solo but also a member of the super group United Kingdom a.k.a. Population Click. She also got strong connections with the Sunz of Man because she is Prodigal Sunn's sister. Makeba shines with Sunz of Man in the cut "We Can't Be Touched", Her debut single "AHHH!!/High Plainz Drifta" was produced by The Dungeon Master & Chops (from the Mountain Brothers), it featured members of the United Kingdom.
- Wu

"Makeba Mooncycle"

Rapper/Singer Mooncycle stands rhyme to rhyme with male lyricists, confident enough in her East Coast flow to avoid blantatly sexual raps. If Lauryn Hill hung out with the Wu-Tang Clan, she might soud like this. - Shockwave Digital Music Directory Review

"Makeba Mooncycle The Gibbous 12inch review"

I first heard Makeba on Rhino Records "Fat Beats and Bra Straps" compilation dedicated to new school female mc's. Makeba stood out well on that release, with a native tongue vibe. Then she made a great appearance with Talib Kweli on the DJ Spinna EP on Rawkus, spitting intelligent rhymes reminding me in part of other female greats like What What, Apani or Bahamadia. On her 12 inch, Makeba attacks the mic over a couple of J. Rawls (Lone Catalysts, Blackstar) beats, and I swear she's Talib Kweli's long lost sibling. Their approach to delivery and lyrics is uncannily similar. This is a fresh release and I look forward to more from Ms Mooncycle. -

"Fat Beats And Bra Straps:New MC's Review"

The third and final installment of Rhino's female hip-hop series Fat Beats & Bra Straps concentrates on New MCs -- that is, '90s rappers that haven't quite gotten widespread exposure and remain unheard even by many serious hip-hop fans. Of all the volumes in Fat Beats, this is the most uneven because it lacks the historical perspective that make the first two discs so interesting, and several acts are included simply because the compilers needed to fill out the disc. Still, New MCs is a wildly diverse, frequently interesting collection of promising female rappers, featuring cuts by the Conscious Daughters, Suga T., Bahamadia, Makeba Mooncyle, Love N' Props, Natural Resource and the Herbaliser. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide - All Music Guide for Yahoo Music


Makeba Mooncycle
Song Name Album Name Performed With Label Year It Was Released

Hard Copy Ain't No Other MC Lyte Atlantic 1994/1995
Blue J Blur Out 12 in" Lin Que Ruffhouse Records 1994/1995
This Is It 12 in" Lin Que Ruffhouse Records 1994/1995
Desert Storm Remix Fat Beats and BraStraps Rhino Records 1998
We Can't Be Touched Five Deadly Venom Mixtape Sunz of Man/Tony Touch Ray Rolls 1998
Lunchroom Classics Tags of the Time 4.0 featuring Talib Kweli Mary Joy Recordings 1999
Ahhh cassette single featuring Coins Friendly Fee Music
Judgement Day The Gibbous featuring Holy Smokes BUKA Entertainment 2000
Food For Thought The Gibbous featuring J Sands BUKA Entertainment 2000
High Plains Drifter The Gibbous BUKA Entertainment 2000
Fire Fire/The Legacy 12" Royal Fam/Timbo King Wu Tang Records 2001
BET Comic View 10th Anniversary Theme song Cash BET 2001
Doin Ya Thang Saviors Day Sunz of Man Rivera Entertainment 2002
Crazy Love N/A Nona Hendryx N/A
Bare Essentials Street Album Release 7,000 sold on streets Godz Inc./Must Maintain Ent./Music Freedom Alliance 2002
Earth Power Street & Internet E.P. 3,000 sold in streets Amuru Records 2004
Balance Street & Internet Album 1,500 on streets Godz Inc/Must Maintain Ent./Music Freedom Alliance 2004/rerelease 2006
Throw Back Classics Internet Release Various Artists Godz Inc/Must Maintain Ent./Music Freedom Alliance 2005
What Yawl All Should Know! Produced by M Dot
Released on Compilation La Familia Vol. #1 2006
POINTS Produced by DJ Scratch
Released on Compilation La Familia Vol. #1 2006
Wheremy People At! featuring NLZ produced by Jon Abrams for NLZ & NPLAYZ N-Destrucktable
Live It featuring Big Kev & Makeba Mooncycle for the album The Black Box artist NLZ
Add On NLZ ft Venomous, Drupe & Makeba Mooncycle off of the album Black Box
The Conqueror NLZ ft. Dox, S.I. & Makeba Mooncycle
Analyze This NLZ ft Buddah Monk & Makeba Mooncycle
For Real ft NLZ ft Vintage & Makeba Mooncycle
Whut's Real Remix NLZ ft. Vintage & Makeba Mooncycle


Feeling a bit camera shy


From her beginnings in dance to her recent entries into the worlds of music, television, publishing, and multimedia, Makeba Mooncycle continues to break the boundaries of conventional wisdom and further solidify her role as the navigator of the hip hop culture.

Her artistic journey began while she was a teenager working as a house dancer for clubs such as the Sound Factory and the Underground. “I was dancing at the Soundfactory one night, Linque came up to me and she introduced me to X-Clan and the rest is history.”

In 1990, the Hip Hop generation was introduced to a new era of music with rap group X-Clan. Known for its Afrocentrism, the sound of funk, culture and Brooklyn-style lyrics, X-Clan gained fame for the controversy its music aroused, rubbing against the grain of negative lyrics and ego tripping poetics. Makeba recorded background vocals on the group’s debut album To the East Blackwards, released in 1990 on Island Records. The album peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Charts in the United States.

Since then, Makeba’s performed on tours overseas, featured on hit singles, put out three solo albums, and written and recorded songs for herself and a host of other artists. In 1993 she was featured on the first leg of Janet Jackson’s Janet Tour. That same year she performed with MC Lyte on rap duo Kriss Kross’ Missed the Bus Tour, followed by the FESTAM Tour of West Africa in Dakar, Senegal in 1998. In addition to the Blackwatch Tour of the early 90s, Makeba has done several spot dates and venues all over the United States. Armed only with a distribution deal from Orpheus/EMI, Makeba quickly built a loyal fanbase and saw a string of releases throughout the 90s and early in the new millennium. She is currently writing a book based on her experiences on the road.

Makeba’s catalogue of music includes the singles Lunchroom Classics, a duet with Talib Kweli from the compilation album Tags of the Time, Food For Thought with Lone Catalyst, Crazy Love, a European release with Nona Hendryx, and Fire, a posse cut with Royal Fam and Timbo King off of Wu Tang Records. In 2002, Makeba dropped her solo album, Bare Essentials, an independent release that sold over 7,000 copies on the streets, and quickly followed that up with the album Earth Power Balance and the Internet release Throw Back Classics.

Born Pamela Wilder in Atlanta, Georgia, Makeba started her own management company, Must Maintain Entertainment in 1994, and served as a consultant for various artists such as Common Sense, Talib Kweli, AZ, Channel Live, P Funk, and The Rose Family. Before founding Must Maintain Entertainment, Makeba ran Duke da Moon management, a joint venture with MC Lyte in 1993. She’s since lent her voice to television, doing voice-overs for an Italian Adidas commercial that featured artist Johnny Kemp and the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, and two Sugar Golden Crisps commercials. Makeba also recorded and performed the theme song for BET Comic View’s 10th anniversary show, and appeared on the PBS television series Between the Lions.

Makeba never resting is presently involved with a wide variety of personal ventures. One being her rock band Moonstruck. Secondly, her alter ego, comic book inspired artist Mistress Doom is set to debut at the comic book convention this year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Whether it's LPs, EPs, verses, or beats, Makeba Mooncycle is poised to deliver what the people desire most - products that are trend-defining, engaging, and blazing hot. She resides in Brooklyn, New York City.