Start cooking with MC5 and Thin Lizzy, add Minutemen drums and bass, sped-up Bon Scott growling happily and feeling the music save his soul, and boil over with BadWizard and Cherry Valence twin-guitar rumbling epiphanies. Your ears have freed your mind; your ass will follow our singer's.


"We are not afraid to use single coil pickups". Guitarists Matt and Al of (Dirty Johnny and the) Makebelieves like to use Strats to do what most would only try with fat humbuckers: Heavy, '70s blues-based riffs and screaming, intertwining solos. However, there is no lack of width or depth or punch. Where does Dirty Johnny get that moonshine-meets-Brooklyn vocal growl? He distills it out of early ZZ-Top records. Can Chris play perfect drums to Rush and Yes? Yes, he just doesn't. He plays heavy and hard and fast - and tasty. Brian Quast of The Cherry Valence and drummer for Urge Overkill says "You actually want him to overplay. There's nothing out of place."

Okay, so that is a paraphrase. Quast said something like that, ask him. The Makebelieves had the good fortune to be recorded by friends Quast and Kerry Springs of The Greatest Hits in Raleigh, NC and the result is the new CD MMIV (SOMEONE THREW A TIGER OUT THE WINDOW).
Started in '02 by Matt and John in Athens, OHIO, known off and on as Dirty Johnny and the Makebelieves, the current lineup has been together since Blackoutfest 2003 in March of that year. Elders Chris and Al have been in several Athens-based bands for 15+ years. Chris played drums for the long lived Voodoo Birds and currently does drum duty for The Royales, an oldies R&B group recently voted Athens Best Band in an Athens News survey. Al has played in Planet Of Pants and is an extended member of ADR (Appalachian Death Ride).
Frequent shows in the Makebelieves college-town home have honed them into one of the most popular draws for fans of the fun, loud rock. The band has played with Drunkhorse, Cherry Valence, All Night, The Black Keys, Mr. Airplane Man, BadWizard, We March, and lots of other great bands few have heard. They have also made lots of friends on 3 two-week tours of the MidWest ranging from Madison to Sioux Falls to Little Rock to Raleigh to New York.


THREE COBRA, ONE MAGNUM - 3 song vinyl single 2003 self release

MMIV (SOMEONE THREW A TIGER OUT THE WINDOW) - 6 song CD EP 2005 self release

Set List

We keep a one-hour set of songs active, including one of our covers.
I got beat up
Three Cobra, One Magnum
Wake Up Sally
I got beat up
Pinch Me
Racing Song
Busy City
Comb Over
Flashing Lights
Demo Girl
I can't read but I can stab you
Monster Green
There's a place in prison

Emerald - Thin Lizzy
SWLABR - Cream
Supernaut - Black Sabbath
Be Stiff - DEVO