Make It Last

Make It Last

 Austin, Texas, USA

Make It Last provides a complete enticing sound developed through teen angst and punk/pop hooks. Driving bass and drums provide the light hearted guitar play to ascend any listener to the heavens.


Make It Last derives it's sound from a heavy influence by A Day To Remember. Guitarist Brian Mertz draws from musical influences like Metallica and ADTR, while vocalist and songwriter Jacob Ramirez pulls his lyrics from his own life choices and digressions. Every song is written from a mood or feeling in an effort to capture a moment in time that can only be relived and remembered through song. The band is only a year old and already has enough playable material for two full albums. Make It Last began it's journey in the Winter months of 2009 and while shuffling members around they have finally completed their sound with the addition of bassist Jesse Cortez.

In their latest live recording of "Never Going Home" you can feel the struggle of adolescent individualism. In their tracks "Everything" and "Save Yourself" the impression given is one of solidarity and the will to make it out of troubled times. While the band possesses the ability to show their raw side with tracks like "War" and "Fame and Fortune," they posses a softer side that appeals to an adolescent audience with tracks like "Hey Girl" and "Winter Days."

Make It Last has set out to show the world what they're made of and have aspirations of uniting people under one sound. Give your ears and heart something worthwhile to listen to and play Make It Last.


Live EP Singles:
"Never Going Home"
"Guilty Pleasures"
"Save Yourself"

Live EP Demo:
"Hey Girl"
"Winter Days"
"Days Go By"
"Fame and Fortune"
"You and I"
"Throw It All Away"
"Remember Me"
"Take This"

Set List

Fame and Fortune
Guilty Pleasures
Hey Girl
Throw It All Away
Never Going Home
Winter Days
Remember Me
Days Go By
You and I
Take This
Save Yourself