makitplan (make it plain)

makitplan (make it plain)

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Make It Plain lives up to his name with down to earth lyrics that impact the every day lives of people!


Minister Kenyatta “makitplan” Barry begin ministering through hip-hop in 1989 at a time when people were saying that rap music could not be used to minister the gospel. Even today sentiments toward gospel hip-hop have not
completely changed but makitplan understands that hip-hop is the best vehicle to reach what has been labeled a “hip hop generation.”

The founder of TITE (Teen Impact Teen Expression)
Ministries, he is the creator and host of PHATT FRIDAY a seeker-sensitive hip hop flavored youth service that travels from location to location in an effort to win the lost to Christ.

Over 537 young people have been won to Christ through the ministry God has assigned to his hands. Makitplan is the youth pastor of the West Point Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, IL where he is the shepherd of the G Phi G (Gloriphy God) youth ministry.

Called by God to minister the gospel since 1992, Kenyatta Barry has been uniquely gifted to preach the word of God in a language that can be clearly understood by youth of all ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds. His message is simple and can be found in every song written by inspiration
of God: “God loves you and Jesus died to redeem you. No matter what you have done or are doing if you turn to Christ He will receive you.”

His desire is to win thousands to Christ, and empower & equip the hip-hop generation to take this world for the Kingdom of God. He is currently working on his first album entitled “MakeITPlain” which is due to be released in the fall of 2004.

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On My Square

Written By: Kenyatta Barry

It’s me it’s me it’s me Oh Lord standing in the need of prayer
It’s me it’s me it’s me Oh Lord standing in the need of prayer
Not my mother not my father but it’s me o Lord standing in the need of prayer
Not my homey not my wifey but it’s me o Lord standing in the need of prayer

I got get back on my square.
I can’t even feel God any more.
I got get back on my square.
I got get back right with God.

I never forget the day I gave the preacher my hand
And God my heart
And the congregation sang on one accord

“Take me to the water Take me to the water”
“Take me to the water To be baptized”

And I, got dipped in the watery grave
As outward show of an inward change

Old things passed away all things were made new
I looked at my hands and they looked new
Looked at my feet and they did to

“And every since that wonderful day my souls been satisfied”

And I was so geeked for God, on fire for God;
Because God is a good God
Then poof it all went up in smoke
The things I used to do I was doin mo than I did befo

I had love Jones for sin like Lorenz had for Nia Long
And I just couldn’t leave it alone


It’s like one day I was in heaven
Then all of a sudden it felt like I was in hell
A prisoner to pleasure, a best friend of sin
My enemy was the inner me
A casualty of friendly fire – My own desire

I was lying again, cheating again, stealing again, lusting again,
I was creepin again, I was even confessin my sins

“but every time I turned around I was back in sin again”

I make boo boos and boo hoo and lie and tell God um through
But my flesh had a hold on me controlling me and it would let me go

So I’d go wit the flow why fight the feeling
But where was my God I can’t feel Him

Thought I could have my cake it eat too
Have my Jesus and Satan too

Disobey God and praise Him too
Disrespect Him and still expect His blessings
I know He’d never leave me But I left Him


Silly of me to think that you would let me do the things I do
And get away wit it Lord I admit it, I sinned now I repentin

U said if I confess my sins you were faithful and just
To forgive and cleanse
Um turning from my wicked ways

So please Lord have mercy on me
According to your loving kindness & the multitude of your tender mercies
Blot out my transgressions Wash me thoroughly
from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean again

Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow
Create in me a clean heart; renew a right spirit within me

Cast me not away from thy presence; & take not thy holy spirit from me
Restore un2 me the joy of thy salvation; & uphold me with thy free spirit

Hide your word in my heart and help me live
Lord Thank you because I know I’ve been forgiven


Holla - MakeItPlain featuring Tiffany

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