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UNCASVILLE, Connecticut – On Wednesday August 24th, New Haven based rock band, “Makel” won the 2005 Mohegan Sun Battle of the Bands. The final round of the summer competition was decided on the parking garage rooftop in front of more than 7,000 people ranging in ages. The foursome opened with the song “Real World” by Matchbox 20 and closed with current pop hit “I Don’t Wanna Be” by radio newcomer Gavin DeGraw. The middle part of their set consisted of 3 originals including “We All Know” which is currently being spun on XM Satellite Radio. Their first place prize was a check for $2,500.00 as well as 5 nights at the Wolf’s Den arena located inside the casino. Makel took the top spot over CT based band Magnesium Jake who also played a 5 song set and earned a $1,000.00 second place prize. - John M


March 9. 2006 Issue 995

Makel selected as 1 of 4 bands in the country to be featured in RollingStone magazine for the ''Next Rock Icon'' contest sponsored by Ford Fusion. - RollingStone


by feelypurr 4/3/2005

Very sing-a-longy, great summer song. Definitely gets your foot tapping. On the music side, the vocals were really strong and the band was very tight - you all obviously know what you're doing.

Love the bv's and wooo bits!

Production: 8 Originality: 8
Structure: 8 Talent: 9

by guymichetti 3/28/2005

We All Know THis is A Good Song
Great song guys!

Very catchy. Love the vocals. Love the hand claps!!This song is a winner! Radio ready!

Great driving beat. Good production.
Love the feel during the verses. The gutiars sound great and some really nice stuff is playing!! Great drummer really makes the song come alive!

Excellent work!! WOW!

Download Recommendation!




We are very proud to announce that Makel’s
“We Were Once Confused” is a FINALIST in a worldwide songwriting competition for

Our song was considered in the Adult Contemporary category and was the ONLY finalist from the entire UNITED STATES. We are in the process of submitting 3 newly recorded songs for consideration by Grammy award winning judges who have worked and recorded with Michael Jackson, U2, Pink, Dr. Dre, Ozzy, Faith Hill, and the Goo Goo Dolls.
- Song of The Year

"Demo Critiques"

"An absolutely solid slab of Goo Goos pop-rock comes from this Connecticut band, with material (written and sung by frontman John MacCallum) that dwells on the many dimensions of heartbreak. “Take Everything” is a jangly, midtempo number. “...Confused” reminds us of mellow Black Crowes, and though it’s wordy, the lyrics are handled nimbly by MacCallum, whose vocals then morph into John Mayer crooner mode for “Goodnight Goodbye.” Solid band." Reviewed by Music Connection - Music Connection

"Show and Makel"

Local modern rockers Makel are also making waves on the 'net. The band's song "We Were Once Confused" was named a September finalist in the "Adult Contemporary" category of a worldwide songwriting competition on Though they were beat out by a song called "Wake up and Lose You" from Quebec, Makel's tune was the only one of the five nominees that originated in the U.S.
Despite what the song title may suggest, this band is not confused when it comes to defining itself. As their bio boldly states: "They have effectively been able to merge pop and rock with a singer/songwriter mentality and deliverance unmatched by any of their contemporaries....They aren't afraid to expose themselves in any light and their confidence pours through every note, chop, and riff, especially in their live performances."
Judge for yourself on Dec. 3 when Makel makes music at the Space, sharing a pop-punk-rock-emo bill with 40 Second Freefall , Derrenger , Evenstar and Black Lab Project .

by Kathleen Cei.
- New Haven Advocate


Self-Titled debut album available Feb 07

Four song cd (2004) produced by Rodger Arnold and Sean French

Six Song Acoustic Session (2005) produced by Sean French


Feeling a bit camera shy


Any musician knows. Sometimes, you get together with another musician and something clicks. Every note, every slice of phrasing, and every nuance seems to fit together perfectly.
Within just a few months of forming, Makel has managed to intertwine an eclectic array of styles and influences into songs that have been highly regarded by renowned music critics including those who have worked with Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, Faith Hill, Ozzy, Dr. Dre, and The Goo Goo Dolls.
Makel’s sound is completely distinct and bravely new. Memorable song melodies are supported by the band’s solid musical ability. They have effectively been able to merge pop and rock with a singer/songwriter mentality and deliverance unmatched by any of their contemporaries. In their songs, the listener will always find an ever-present yet different emotion. Makel’s musical versatility is another of its unique attributes. The ability for the band to play its music in either full electric or acoustic format without losing the slightest bit of integrity has paved the way for many more venue opportunities. They truly are a band that feels “at home” on the stage. Simply put, you could say that Makel has one purpose; to create music that inspires, excites, and moves its listeners.
In September 2004, Makel’s song “We Were Once Confused” was nominated as a finalist for VH1 sponsored “Song of the”. Makel was the 2005 champion for Mohegan Sun Casino’s Sizzlin’ Summer Showdown, earning the band four consecutive nightly shows at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun in January 2006. This privilege brought with it the opportunity to play more shows at the Wolf Den, as they proved with their return on February 18th.
Makel has received airplay on the following radio stations: XM Radio Channel 52, 106.9(WCCC), 105.9(River), 99.1(WPLR), 88.7(WNHU), Ultra Radio, and more than 15 PodCast Internet Stations.
Makel recently had the rare opportunity of appearing in Rolling Stone magazine, having been chosen as one of four finalists out of hundreds of contestants for the “Life in Drive” competition. The band has also appeared in such publications as the New Haven Advocate, Play Magazine, and California's Music Connection.