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"Sister Soulibration-- Women In Reggae"

Sister Soulibration is one of the featured artists that will be performing in November for domestic harmony month. The awareness day proclaimed by Governor Linda Lingel is set up to try to help maintain harmony keeping the Big Island together. Sister Soulibration and her band mostly composed of women are locals from Puna. Sister Soulibration's style of song writing has gotten them to perform in many events, ranging from Green Party political receptions to Reggae concerts.
CT: When and how was the band started?
SS: The band started in February (2004). I had been playing with different male musicians, but no one seemed like they wanted to back me up all the way...So I asked some of my friends, women who were musicians.... I just realized that for me, it was time for women to support each other playing music.
CT: Was it intended to be all women?
SS: Not necessarily.... For our last gig we had Jabo on drums... and Poppy on guitar. I just want a good sound and people who can get behind the topics of my songs.
CT: What are the topics of your songs?
SS: Well, I have some songs about social issues, love songs, songs about being in a relationship, and spiritual songs.
CT: Do you think your songs address women's issues more than men's?
SS: It's hard to say. I mean I am a woman so I write from my experience. I've had just as many compliments from men as women about the songs that I thought were female oriented, like Single Mom. I think overall my songs hit home for men as much as women, especially the songs about social issues.
CT: As a woman, do you think you can contribute something different to male dominated Reggae music?
SS: Definitely, yes! Because I am not out there like the Dancehall ladies, I'm more old school, like I try to vibe off Bob (Marley). But I'm not Jamaican, I'm American. I was raised on Motown, rock and roll, and some jazz. So I have these influences that come out in my music and in my lyrics. Definitely some of my songs have a different perspective than you usually hear in Reggae music.
CT: The next event you're performing at is the Domestic Harmony event at the university (UH Hilo). Do you think that music can help establish this harmony?
SS: I hope so! I have lots of songs that do address harmony like "Give Peace a Chance," and one of my songs, "Make the Choice" talks about finding inner harmony. We can't just look at the ills of society, we have to look at the choices we make within the society that can create a better world.
CT: Have you ever participated in any musical classes at a university? Do you think that it has helped you get into the musical position you are in now?
SS: Yeah, I have a musical background. As a child I studied piano and violin. I was in the Chamber singers at the UHH. That was good because you experience singing in harmonies. I also took several music theory courses and they definitely help with composing.

Sister Soulibration will be performing this November on campus.

- University of Hawaii, Hilo, Kekalahea


"Thanks to Jah" on Unique FM 103 with DJ Pauze, U.K.
No Joke Bizniss, 2005
For the Children, 2007
Public Access TV, Hilo, Hawaii 2005



"Makes people feel good." "There's spiritual light coming from the stage." "Other people are going to want to do her songs." "Chicks will love it--They have their leader." "Good melody, great lyrics--I'd buy it!" "I wake up with her songs in my head."
These have been some of the comments about MakelaTi's music.
MakelaTi, as Sister Soulibration in Hawaii and as MakelaTi and the RubbaBand in New York, has shared the stage with Prezident Brown, Ooklah the Moc, Marty Dread, Natural Vibrations, and headlined various festivals, nightclubs, parties, and community halls.
MakelaTi and the RubbaBand has been described as roots reggae "with an edge." Roots reggae and ska, and a vocal style influenced by jazz and R&B, create a unique sound for the Roots Reggae audience that also has a wider appeal. "I can see the housewife in Kansas dancing to "Thanks to Jah" as she vacuums the rug" (Jay, Dolphin Studios). "For the guy driving to work in the morning, 'One More Day' is his cup of coffee" (Ras Jungle, Rootsman).
A published poet with an English Lit degree, MakelaTi's lyrics are rich with poetry, wisdom, spirituality and humor. Topics range from social commentary and the world to songs about love and the spiritual basis of life.
Musically, the RubbaBand's sound is creative and highly danceable. MakelaTi's strong, sweet lead vocal combines with angelic harmonies to create a sensation of beautiful colors and the taste of your favorite ice cream. The music is all at once funky, happy and spiritually invoking, a unique sound that leaves audiences moved and inspired.

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