Oakland, California, USA

Recommended for fans of The Vivian Girls, Metric, and the Vaselines. Including ex-members of Boyskout, this Oakland based quartet has opened for bands ranging from Frank Black, to the Future of The Left, to No Bunny. Their newest album "House of Brakes" has just entered the CMJ top 200.


MakeMe is the product of many years of yearning, gesticulating, and gesturing in a certain direction, with girls blossomed into women and men retreating more and more into boyhood.
They started as a gentle twee outfit and played shows and people liked them okay. Zola Goodrich played bass and sang, Claire Haynie played keyboards and sang, and Goodrich’s math-rocker ex-boyfriend played drums. They went on hiatus when Goodrich was courted by Boyskout to play keys. She destroyed her bank account and academic career in the process, but met then fourth or fifth drummer for the band, Jesse Rivkin. In a coup she wrenched the then eager Rivkin from the clutches of the queer-core band and reincarnated MakeMe with keyboardist, Haynie, and noise-guitar novice Jeremy Sullivan, whom she met working the east bay record store circuit.
Through handful of raucous house parties they defined their sound as somewhere between where a girl calls herself grrrl and a boy calls himself twee. A major turning point for the band came on the tip of Rivkin’s oblong skull. It so happened that while 3-songs deep into the set, sharing a backline at The Knockout, drummer Rivkin could no longer deal with a particular drum hardware malfunction, nor the band itself, and ran off screaming into the San Francisco night. A bewildered band and an alcohol-and-antics excited crowd begged for more, despite the apparent lack of drummer. Audience member and Okie, Wes Chase, bravely took to the drum throne, and faked his way through the rest of the set, which contained 5 encores. He became their then and current drummer, and married keyboardist Haynie to boot.
Their sound has matured into a more straightforward rock sound, with modern guitar tones and pointed pop structures. Their new album, House of Brakes, is an album about things you start that you can’t stop. 9 songs about relationships, transportation, loss, getting older, and infinity. Guy/girl vocals, solid, pounding drum work, and balanced keyboards voices that create a sense of anxiety without aggression, and uncertainty without confusion.
House of Brakes was released on white vinyl in a limited quantity and supported by a national tour. What lies ahead for MakeMe is most likely an album of covers, an album of painstakingly beautiful gorgeous rock goodness, babies, drug use, bankruptcy, and lots and lots of red lipstick, not necessarily in that order. And they’d like you to know that they thought that they told you that they won’t stop.


Black Ants

Written By: MakeMe

I don't count losses anymore
Say you want to dance on Black Ants?

While you head is spinning out
And your ego's blowing up
And your stomach's churning out
All the while your eyes are closing up
('til daylight)

I don't count losses anymore (in a special way)
Say you want to stand on your hands

Yeah your insides turning out
and you're skidding, spinning out
don't know where you're turning up
even though your eyes are closing up
('til daylight)

It's the holes in your headlights
It's the goals of you sleepy dreamers

Even though your eyes are closing up

And it all comes down to irrational sounds
It all boils down to the size of your fancies
You can kill this disease with anti-bodies
Everything dies in the backs of your eyes

You won't die


Written By: MakeMe

I'll stay at home
You go hunt and gather
I'll take care of the babies
Family is the only thing that matters

I'll take the dog for a walk
You take your coat it's a little off of white
In this regard your personality is flawless
Empty your coat pock(ets)
It's a way out of this, don'tcha know?

As I'm thrown across the sea, What's the story? (You pushed me off)

I am, I am, I'm everything you've wanted
When I disappear don't look so disappointed

You're along way from home
That's a long way to travel
But your happiness is all that matters to me
Be strong for the battle


It Only Hurts The First Time - 2007 (ASCAP MakeMe Make You)

House of Brakes - 2009 (ASCAP MakeMe Make You)

Set List

Our set list is approximately 45 minutes long that include some of the following songs.
Oakland/San Francisco
Black Ants
Stop-Sign Man