Make Me

Make Me


3/4 of Make Me's music is influenced by the riot girl movement. While 1/4 of Make Me is influenced by the early to mid 90s rock style (i.e., The Smashing Pumpkins, etc.).


Claire & Zola have known each other from way back when. The two of them have been in other bands such as Them Apples & Boy Skout, respectively. Jeremy & Wes (ex Ghetto Blaster) finally joined Make Me to polish off the band.


Make Me is currently finishing our first full-length album & should be out soon.

Set List

Our set list is approximately 45 minutes, which includes the following original songs: Oakland/San Francisco, Make Me, I Knew You Were Coming, Mazel Tov, One More Hour, Odysseus In Wichita, Discreet Charm, To Go Away, Tattooed On Eyeliner, Stop Sign Man & Stacey Song