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Tell Me This(single)



This band started long ago with a band called The Phranklyn Project. Anthony James and Ryne Woodsmall played and toured together in this little pop-punk band. When Ryne left the band to pursue being with his family and new born son he stopped playing drums all together and Anthony James continued playing with TPP. After six months or so of being musically dormant Ryne decided that he missed being behind the kit too much and started his search for new musical endeavors. This lead Ryne to a little band named Failside. It would be here that Ryne and JD would hook up and form a friendship and musical bond that would later make up Make ME BREAK Me. After practicing and playing shows for several months the band started to unravel at the seams and prominent members started to leave the band. The loss of the lead singer would prove to be the down fall of the local band.

The band was in need of a singer and a new bass player so Ryne made a phone call to an old friend. The band quickly enlisted the help of Anthony James on the bass guitar which was a switch for him from the rhythm guitar he was accustomed to playing. The band just started looking up again when another prominent member decided to leave the band for personal reasons and the band needed a new identity.

This was a fresh start for the local band. They made some necessary lineup changes, putting Anthony out in front as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. This would prove to be a shinning moment for the band. They quickly wrote a few songs and started practicing hard. They needed to find a bass player though. So JD called on a friend of his, Brandon Reinert, and he came out and auditioned for bass and was accepted into the unique group almost instantly. Make ME BREAK Me is currently practicing and working on new material and working on the next chapter of their story…

Make ME BREAK Me consists of Anthony James. He is the singer songwriter of the band. He tends to bring in a lot of catchy and interesting lyrics. His writing style is very diverse from a softer side with folk-esque songs (Train to Anywhere), to harder songs (Tell Me (This)). He brings a flavor to the band that with out him mMBm simply wouldn’t be the same. Ryne Woodsmall sits at the kit and creates magical beats that make the songs flow. He draws from many influences, probably none more than Travis Barker of Blink 182. He seems to catch the fire that Travis Barker has and yet is still able to make his own unique style of drumming that builds the backbone of mMBm. Brandon Reinert, the newest member of mMBm, although new to the bass has really picked up the songs quick and keeps the rest of the band in time fills out the space with his own bass lines that reminisce of old rock from the 70’s. JD Trefney plays the lead guitar for mMBm. His influences included Coheed and Cambria, Slash, and Zakk Wylde. His leads fill out the top portion of the songs quite nicely. With all of the styles combined into one sound you get something that is very unique to the St. Louis music scene and is very fun to listen to. The lyrics aren’t about your everyday situations and they make you think while the music moves you in ways that music hasn’t done in St. Louis for a very long time.