Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang


The Fly - 'Glasgow's Make Model take the indelible hooks that Broken Social Scene bury beneath a maze of samples amd let them drive in to gloriously epic climaxes... Straight-arrowed, epic alt.pop gems.'


Shaken up by the death of his younger brother and finding a well of emotional songwriting bursting out of him at the start of 2006, Lewis Gale made the thoroughly sensible decision to hook up with his technically-minded mate Gordon, drink beer, listen to Huey Lewis and Kiss, watch Flaming Lips DVDs and work through the sack of shit on his back in the manner of the thriving Canadian emo-art scene of Broken Social Scene and The Arcade Fire.

Lewis and Gordon set about hand-picking similarly-minded musicians they knew from their hometowns in the Highlands, their day job call centres or from the Glasgow rock scene.
By the Autumn these six were Make Model, and over the next few months of rehearsal and working their raw demos into swooning pop thunderstorms, whispers of their existence began creeping out of the studio.

The band self-released limited-edition debut single ‘The LSB’ in the summer of 2007 and EMI waded through the melee to sign them a mere matter of weeks later. Single 'The Was' was to follow in November.

And so beckoned the long dark piss-up of the soul that is The Studio to start work on a debut album that is expected early 2008.


July 9th 07 - single, The L.S.B (The Biz Records)
Nov 19th 07 - single, The Was (EMI Records)

Both played on national radio in the UK

Set List

40 minutes:

Folk Song
The Was
Glasgow's Number #1
ALive ALive-O
Czeck Neck