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Make Moon


Make Moon is an experimental-pop band. The sound is unique and features sophisticated songwriting which draws influences from a wide breadth of genres including punk, experimental electronic music, glam, psychedelic, and pop. The band creates environments that are real, melodic, and modern.


In Brief:

Make Moon is an experimental-pop band based in Newport Beach, CA.
The sound is unique and features sophisticated songwriting which draws influences from a wide breadth of genres including punk, experimental electronic music, glam, psychedelic, and pop. Make Moon creates environments that are real, melodic, and modern.


The members of Make Moon are Drew Morgan (Guitar, Vocals), Eric Scullin (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Tyler Ellis (Bass Guitar), and Kevin Bleitz (Drums and Percussion). The band regularly features auxiliary musicians and visual performance artists Ryan Sorensen, Erica Gibson, and Brian
Brinkerhoff among others. The individual personalities who make up Make Moon are multifaceted and very different from one another but there is a palpable comradery on and off stage.


Make Moon was formed in late 2007 by Drew Morgan with childhood friend Tyler Ellis and local musician Eric Scullin. Tyler and Drew previously played together in various punk rock and noise rock bands. About a year after meeting at a show where both their earlier bands played
together, Eric and Drew ran into one another at a local caFe. Kevin Bleitz was introduced to the band by a friend at a party. Soon after becoming a fan, and briefly their manager, Kevin asked for an audition to replace the drummer who had been slated for the project.


Rehearsals and a series of live recording sessions began in January '08 and were experimented with, refined, and developed over the year. These recordings derive their unique sonic texture in part from the 2,400 square foot metal hangar in which the sessions were held. Natural ambient noise such as rain, sirens, dogs barking, trains passing, and other subliminal sounds can be heard at points throughout the recordings. In May 2009, selected songs from these sessions were briefly circulated on a demo featuring the band's working title, Dolphin city, and the cover of each disc reading, "Discretion." Soon after, the band decided to rename itself and release a limited five song EP in the UK appropriately entitled, EP, which became available from, itunes,, and Rough trade Records' two London locations.


Make Moon’s live sound and raucous on-stage behavior has built them a strong reputation as a band that should be experienced. Their widely varied and cultish fan-base was initially garnered through performances at film festivals, house parties, college campuses, art-houses, and in the underground-warehouse-party-scene while growing into the mainstream playing venues like the Troubadour in Hollywood as well as appearing on FOX Australia during a prime-time slot. Make Moon recently returned from an independent self-booked, self-funded tour of the UK to deliver its debut EP. London
received the band with open arms and a series of live shows at clubs like the Dublin Castle and Barfly in Camden provided them exposure and the opportunity to make friends with notable figures in the London music scene/industry. Their arresting live performances have a reliable tendency to create fans out of first-time attendees where the blend of sound, music, atmosphere, live
projection, and film art creates a captivating and exciting ambiance.

Next Moves:

Make Moon is planning an international release of a mini album consisting of a different selection of songs from their live sessions with supporting media exposure and international touring. A new full-length is slated to be recorded while the band continues to experiment with other material for following releases. Make Moon is seeking to partner its DIY work ethic and creativity with experienced team members who will support the band in reaching the largest audience possible.

They're music has been called:

"Intelligent and melodic" - Russell Warby, William Morris Agency (London, UK)

"It takes something special to cut a record like this without [a] major label" - Ben Anshutz, Tufts Daily - Tufts University

"Inspiring" -

"Stella pop songs" - (UK)

"Refreshing... thoughtful" - Albert Ching, OC Weekly

"Pop music that's outside the box" - Richard Engler, Autonomy/V2/Universal (London, UK)


"EP" - EP - 2009 (LIMITED UK)


FOX Australia - Seven Beers of Separation

US Radio:
88.9 KUCI
89.9 KCRW
90.7 KALX
101.5 KOCI

98.0 PhoenixFM
1134 ICR Radio AM