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Make Moves

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A love of performing and storytelling is what led this lyricist from the inner city of Boston to pursue his music career. His exposure to pioneering rap artists like Grandmaster Flash and KRS-One turned his spark for rhyming into a burning flame. Fresh Prince's "Parents Just Don't Understand" inspired him to start writing lyrics. What had originally started out as a hobby became a full-blown passion.

He began to bring his words to life with his first performances in high schoold but it did not stop there. He went on to perform at local venues, including the Milky Way Lounge and The Freedom House, where he began making a strong name for himself in and around Boston. he also branched out to other venues around New york City, such as Club Rhumba (Bronx) as well as the Ashford and Simpsons owned Sugar Bar. This Boston underground lyricist is satisfying the crowd's hunger for music that raises the mind to a higher consciousness.

His smooth hip-hop flows challenged the mind to think and the body to move. Charismatic and energetic stage performances leave the crowds screaming for more. He masterfully creates lyrics that bring real life to the forefront. His sound is a blend of raw lyrics and unmistakable thumping beats. Make Moves is a welcomed alternative to mainstream artists like Jay-Z as well as underground artists such as Talib Kweli, Common, and The Roots. His smooth, hypnotic voice and thought-provoking lyrics create a balanced sound that is unique.

Committed to the creative process, he writes for tomorrow, giving his fans lyrics they can relate to for years to come. Make Moves is currently working on his debut album. Look for his upcoming singles, "Road to Life", "One Chance", "Obstacles" and "Everyday Struggle". So prepare to open up your hearts and your minds to the full Make Moves experience!

Set List

Has enough material to perform 20-30 minute sets.