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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""a roadside view" album review"

Taking their name from the main character in the 1986 BMX movie Rad, Cru Jones came together in 2001 in Florida. Relocating a few years later to Syracuse, NY, their passionate hybrid of post-hardcore and emo was at times reminiscent of Fugazi or early Coalesce; their dynamic songs, coupled with relentless touring and an aggressive live show, helped the guys build a loyal grassroots following. The band -- comprised of brothers Terry (vocals) and Mike Bloom (drums), Tyler Miller (guitar), and Stephen Lamberti (bass) -- released their full-length debut, The Conversation, on Undecided Records in 2004. The album was well received and the band followed up in late summer 2005 with the acoustic EP A Roadside View. Various member changes occurred, and by this time, the group included the brothers Bloom with bassist Phil Christensen and guitarists Tim Shore and Travis Fitzsimmons. ~ Corey Apar, All Music Guide - ALL Music Guide

""the conversation"album review"

yracuse-based foursome Cru Jones eludes the same prompt dismissal with The Conversation. As intricate as it is forceful, the band's heart-heavy approach puts tears in the mascara with little haste, giving songs like "Lights Out" and "Love: A Roadside View" a brilliant but brutal glimmer. The latter is a muscular, memorable beast that excels thanks to the distinct, alluring vocal delivery of Terry Bloom, but this Cru is four individual talents coming together to make one intense, high-octane song cycle. Reference points include Peter Cortner-era Dag Nasty (check "Our Last Effort to Save You") and early Coalesce, which means if you're a fan of either, you'll not only be Jones-ing to hear The Conversation run on, you'll also be floored. ~ John D. Luerssen, All Music Guide - AMG


Either one or several of us have been a part of the following releases:

"the Conversation"
[2004 Undecided Records dstrb by SONYRED]

"A Roadside View"
[2005 Undecided Records dstrb by SONYRED]

"Something to Make You Stay" [2006 Make Music]

"Lengths and Limits" [2007 Make Music]

"In Foxholes we Dug Ourselves" [2009 Make Music]



MAKE was founded by several friends/musicians in 2006 in and around South Florida, Delaware, Iowa, and Illinois.
Today MAKE is affiliated with countless musicians spread across over 20 states. We are currently building support in an effort to launch our community-based programming in Chicago. MAKE's programming efforts will range from free music classes for under-served youth to one-on-one music lessons. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on our world through the exchange of music.

Mission:Make Music Collective is committed to enhancing the lives around each and every one of us by sharing, teaching, and MAKING MUSIC.