Dynamic slightly melodic punk/hardcore


Since their humble beginnings as children, makeoutmusic has persisted with one ideal in mind: "play hard". Now makeoutmusic is full of men, and they added a few more ideals: "play loud, "add more notes," and "make sure you're loud enough." Following four record releases, three US tours and numerous write ups, makeoutmusic is presently hard at work writing the new record. Armed with a whole new lineup of tunes they're hitting every town possible, from california to the new york eye-land. With influences ranging from the Clash and the Gorilla Biscuits to Rise Against and Alkaline Trio there's something in there for everyone.

“With a name like makeoutmusic you’d expect some sweet poppunking emo-ish goodness but no, this threesome ditches out some of the fiercest, most unrelenting bunch of tracks I have heard in recent times.”


Plain Scone No coffee EP (2009)
2 track rough demo (2008)
Get off my Soapbox (2006)
Segrenation (2005)
Infidel (2004)
The Rise of Poop Culture (2003)

Set List

9-13 songs, 25min-45max