Makeout Party

Makeout Party


Indie based Rock and Roll from New Jersey with influences ranging from Radiohead, Minus the Bear, Say Anything, to classics like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Makeout Party plays a promising live show and guarentees a fun-filled set full of hip movements and sing alongs.


The stage is set. South Jersey, January 2004. Britney had just apparently married George from Seinfeld, we saw the first photos from the Mars rovers, and the New Jersey legislature had passed a bill creating a domestic partnership status for same-sex couples.

Enter five same-sex teenagers: Daniel and Joseph had just left their first band, under the pressures of conformity and non-rockingness. Instead, they called on the help of John, Carmen, and Brett. Now they could rock and... non-conform.

In little more than a year, this group of strapping young men has already played shows with such nationally touring acts as The Forecast (Victory Records) and Cru Jones (Undecided Records). They plan on recording their debut album at PEN 15 studios with acclaimed producer and beat-master Jesse "Shooter" Goins.


Salad Shooter Nine Thousand

Written By: Makeout Party

Have I told you about the dream yesterday where your mouth moved faster than the way we turn corners? We took our time we always took our time stay slow at this speed and you can take me these ways that you make me are up for the taking - well forget that what they see is what were made out to be, and I can take it all away because these words that I say will never mean a thing to her- you wanted to make me stand still, through the corner of your eye, you see it all while it all goes to waste and the hint of a smile is written on your face please dont wake me up from this dance slow motion to stay with you in this trance for just a little bit longer girl at least until it burns in my memory and all i can do from then on is dance and fall asleep

Our Southern Secret

Written By: Makeout Party

we grip onto your hips like you're dying for this take your best shot dear but don't you miss it we hide into your bed where our secrets kept hidden in sheets under which we slept just say you missed me when i was deciding what i want its not how it used to be...the south must know you more than me. just say you missed me while i was deciding...

We'd Look Good Side By Side

Written By: Makeout Party

you wanted to make this out to be like you never had what you thought was me..say what you want-but mean what you know im not hearing it anyway



1. The DanceOFF
2. We'd Look Good Side By Side
3. Our Southern Secret
4. Salad Shooter Nine Thousand
5. Bonus Track

Set List

we'd look good side by side
we built this ship!
our southern secret
goodbye sunrise
bonus acoustic*
salad shooter nine thousand

*If venue requests no acoustic songs, these can be scratched

-Set will last around 30 minutes long without acoustic songs, acoustic songs add about an additional 10-12 minutes which includes setup, etc.