Makers of Sense

Makers of Sense

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
DuoEDMHip Hop

Pioneering Urban Post Electronic Dance aka UPED, Brother El and Cristian Heupe are the Makers of Sense. Together, they fuse energies to create radical bodies of music that combine unusually warm electronica, hip hop, house, trance, dub, live instrumentation, urban and world elements.


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The Makers of Sense are Lional Freeman [Brother El] and Cristin Huepe [labo_labs]. Together, they fuse energies to create radical bodies of music that combine unusually warm electronica, hip hop, house, trance, dub, live instrumentation and urban elements with new styles which we call UPED [Urban Post Electronic Dance]. Within the unique sound of UPED; the group actually creates an alternative reality beyond restrictions of usual positions and momentums of our measurable world. The music becomes a guide for building and exploring new realms outside the everyday world by providing endless possibilities.  

Individually their careers actually started long before they met.  Both artists share a passion for music and creativity that inspired them to create this new group, Makers of Sense, to create a bond that transcends time, musical genres and cultural boundaries.  Cristin Huepe [labo_labs] is a Chilean musician and physicist with vast creative experiences.  A native of Chicago, Brother El is CEO of The Beat Bank, an independent record label and production studio focusing on artistic development and quality productions over quantity and trend. Brother El creatively blends music with an esoteric intensity.  He is a musician, artist, engineer and producer bound by a necessity and love for his art.

Their lives took them on very different paths.  While living in France for five years to complete his Ph.D. in physics, Cristian performed live electronic music and collaborated in diverse, artistic projects. Previously, he led the pop/punk/jazz band Malavida which was featured in a compilation album of the best Chilean emerging bands. Crisitans additional credits include: the score for a video presented at the Art and Body exhibit in Milan, Italy, production of music for the magazine 9/9-Practical Art Review, and a featured artist in the Pro-Zak exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Paris. In 2000, Cristian recorded his solo album eclectise, an eclectic mix of acoustic and electronic elements at the Musicopr studios located in a farm on the French countryside.

While Brother El was doing his thing in the Windy City, he founded the "The Hip Hop Project" at Loyola University Chicago's radio station WLUW 88.7 FM. Brother El has cultivated musical collaborations with various artists including Chicago rap group Earatik Statik. In addition, Brother El shared his journey through chaos with the release of the solo album, Through the Cracks of Concrete. His album threads the inspirations and voices of African Diaspora, past and present while showcasing his individual technique capturing the sighs and pavement pounds of Chicago's elevated trains.  The project received critical acclaim and was voted, Best Record of the Year by New City Magazine, 2001.

Some of the awards the group has received include:

Voted the Best Experimental act of Chicago 2008 by Chicago Reader & Constituency

Prize winner of the Artist Forum Electronic Music Competition 2007

Awarded a City of Chicago Arts Grant (CAAP - Community Arts Program) for 2 consecutive years 2006 & 2007

Cristin currently lives in Chicago working part-time independently researching as a National Science Foundation grantee, while performing his live-electronic-music-show and collaborating with various artists and focusing on Makers of Sense.  Brother El stays in the studio, making music and concentrating on world domination. 


Shake the Word

Written By: Lional Freeman

...I'm going to take you into the basement and wrap you up in duct tape...
...If you don't want to move we're going to have to restrain you, for real....
...If you don't feel the beat, something is wrong with you...
...Get ready, you are hungry now, don't hold back...

No need to answer, just move your body.

Now you feel the contact. If you are ready, we are going to count it down:


...Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Chorus: No need to answer, just move your body.

Po Boy (Gonna Make Some Noise)

Written By: Brother El


Grey goose makes you stagger
Grey fox stalks his prey

Po boy done lost his way
out here
Trying to get a play

I’m up against the wall
Holding on to my draws

No If Ands or Buts
and Nobody
Wanna hear the cause

I just wanna get away
so that I can finally say

I am man with no stress
And I put that bullshit to rest.

Now, I’ma let the spirit of Muddy Waters
take over

Now these just ain’t words...

The Jiggaboo
The Muthafucker
The Black Nigga
The Cotton Picker

The Vaseline saturated
African booty scratcher

The wet fart having
Ignorant and then some
Cadillac driven, pimp slapping
The shit having for breakfast
The end of the nexus

Feed up on scraps of Rap
Combined to add
With dope Raps
I’m angry, upset confused
News reels about how much I slept and snoozed

Too much propaganda
Jet eye mind trick slander
Put up a post see

Focus on a dot
I give it everything I got!

Chorus: Alternate take (More pain with sprinkles of hope.)

Instrumental: Blessings on out with occasional vocal pieces…

Playing wit' my...

Written By: Makers of Sense

Her nose began to open
Thought she was fresh
She was the best
And the rest was less

Lost in the deal
She could never appeal
I tried to be open
But the fate was sealed

it was just all and act
Cast and crew
With Hi def Mack

We have a good time
for a year in a half
then times got ruff
and she made a dash

Mane it seems like a blast from the past
same thang happen when I had no cash

why - she chose to be so brash
shoulda have payed attention to the forecast

Dang - it happen some lighten fast
my head got blown to critical mass

Sound kinda trippy like a cut from clash
Stabbed in the heart and she left a gnash

CHORUS (repeat) or CHR II:
You funking with my heart
and playing with mind… (Vice Versa)

VRS 2:
One thing lead to another
it got deeper
old school beta max double feature

I was getting played
like a record from Aretha
deep soul cuts
with the essence of-a Reefer

Ether, God & the Devil
and the preacher
couldn't find truth
in the pussy cat (called) Cheetah

yo! Divine (cosmic) intervention
couldn’t even reach her
dazed by the way
she blew smoke in my peepers

bait switch
ring ditch
damaged childhood
brought out a cold bitch

surgical grips
bullshit thick
cat sting theory
got-a brother mind weary

So - I slowed down
to get back to my essence
retraced my steps
to gain a new position

I was sodden with oil
toiled with mistrust
the flashing lights
signified the spite

Girl you got into my heart
You placed it in my soul
I open up my mind
Made me loose control

I need you right now
In mist of my plan (you gotta give here)
Help me on out & lend me your hand

Brace Yourself

Written By: Makers of Sense

Brace yourself (x4)
(for the break
then - take it higher)

I go against the grain
I maintain

The things I do
Embrace change

Act like you know
And get ready baby

Get on down then
Let’s go crazy

Get wit me baby
Make up your mind

Do yo thang girl
work it double time!

I like your movement
I love your body

I feel you passion
Let’s rock this party

Higher! (x4 with female voice)


Shallow Enough to Drown - EP (2007 The Beat Bank)

Repack the Box - EP (2010 Ponk Records)

Out of the Box - LP (2011 The Beat Bank | Phonofile)

Remix album soon to be released!

Set List

The Makers of Sense live set is a continuous energetic live-PA performance with live instruments and machines. It typically lasts from 45min to 2hrs.