Makeshift Deluxe

Makeshift Deluxe

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Makeshift Deluxe is a breath of fresh air in the polluted industry. Our goal is to bring back the essence of originality, giving the listener something to appreciate and at the same time something that they can relate to in everyday life. We will always move forward and nothing will stand in our way

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The Ruff Draft 2003, Berd Solo 2005, Leak Enormous 2008

Set List

Our sets are typically 20-30 mins, however we mix it up. Instead of doing 7-10 songs that fill out our set we push the bar of peforming. We do about 15-20 songs and go full force on stage. Mixing, Cutting, Accapellas, Freestyles, etc are all incorporated in our sets along with the tracks we perform. We put in work and have a strong stage pressence.