Makeshift Spaceship

Makeshift Spaceship

 Brentwood, California, USA

Makeshift Spaceship is the hottest young band out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With members hand picked out of the local scene, their sound is above that of the competition.


Makeshift Spaceship formed in May of 2010 and after their early studio recordings, they were met with an overwhelming acceptance from the crowds they played for early on. As crowds demanded more, their sound evolved into what it has become today. A hard hitting, aggressive and well balanced mix of rock, metal and post hardcore music. In the summer of 2010 they began playing in the San Francisco scene at many popular clubs like Red House, DNA Lounge, Mutiny MFB, Unity Music, Slims and the Rocket Room. They are currently working on their first full length CD and anticipate its release in the winter of 2011.


Makeshift Spaceship 1 (currently in production)