Make The Day

Make The Day


MojoSka -danceable, spooky, tight basslines, groovin beats, hooky rhymes -, what shall I say? Everywhere we play people start dancing. They love it. -so do we!


For three years we´ve been playing our way through this world.
Spreading our CDs all over the Underground of Poland - Italy - France - Belarus - Netherlands - Tchesk Republika - Norge - Bulgaria - Germany - & . . .

Here we are!
Make The Day.
We need to play!


2005 MakeTheDay;
2006 SOFA;
2007 Good Temper Music

Skartel, Sampler by RuddybeatRecords/Bulgaria 2006

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Set List

We have an 45 -120 minutes live set of own, Highly danceable songs and don´t play covers.