Make Your Exit

Make Your Exit

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Make Your Exit is in constant evolution. As MYE took its time to finally craft its permanent line-up in 2009, their sound has changed and improved to something unique and dynamic. From quiet, gentle harmonies to stage-shaking rock-outs, MYE has crafted a wildly entertaining live show not to miss.


Make Your Exit has taken its time to find itself. While the core of the group has been playing off and on together since high school, many other players have come and gone to help the band on its way to making a name for itself in Toronto. MYE has experimented with string arrangements, a four-piece horn section, too many delay pedals, etc, all with varied success... all of these have helped shape the current sound and members. What has prevailed is a natural indie rock sound that has been boosting the band's worth around Toronto in short time.

MYE is now a tightly-knit five piece that have been together since the beginning of 2009. They have spent time honing their song-writing while never losing the taste for a wild and unpredictable live show. Combining a variety of styles and instrumentation, MYE's songs will often change from show to show, always keeping the audience guessing for what's next!

2009 has been a solid year for the band. MYE will add to their discography this September, with their second independently-released EP entitled "Remind Me The Reason I Came." They have been proud to perform in both Canadian Music Week and NxNE, and spent time touring around Ontario and Quebec to get their name out to the masses. They have had rave reviews on MuchMusic's Blog(see here:, and many notable Toronto music blogs such as It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (see here:

One thing is certain - MYE will continue to evolve and surprise listeners and audiences. This is a band that draws from a variety of influences and styles and hopes to keep fans guessing in the coming years!


-"Remind Me the Reason I Came" EP - Released September 22, 2009 (Online release August 4.
-Self-Titled EP - Released June 2008
- MYE has live performance recordings from shows on University of Toronto's CIUT 89.5 and Toronto-based IndieLove Radio (
--"Quarters" was a featured track on both IndieCan Radio and Rear Window Radio
- "Quarters" received airplay on XM radio channel 43, 89.5 FM (U of T radio), 93.3 Fm (Mcmaster radio), CBC radio 3 and various podcasts

- Hi-Hat Recordings Compilation 2 - Featured Song "Three Movements of Concern" released October 24, 2008

Set List

*Typical Set list features 5-8 songs, 30-50 minutes in length depending on concert, featuring a mix of our recorded material and newer songs.
*Set-List For Hi-Hat Recordings Compilation 2 release party, Oct. 24, 2008 at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto (see "Press Reviews" section of EPK for show review by Pete Nema)
1) Notes on You
2) Three Movements of Concern
3) From Night 'til Noon
4) Quarters
5) History
6) Fallout
7) Cover of Portishead's "Roads" and Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight"