Make Your Organ Dance

Make Your Organ Dance


What happens when you merge smooth electronic vibes, rocking pop vocals and the haunting sounds of the organ? An exceptional night of musical fusion!


“Make Your Organ Dance” emerged from March 2008’s "Beatles vs. Bach-Pipe Organ Spectacular" concert performed at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, Ontario where music director, Marty Smyth added pop, rock and hip-hop to the organ’s repertoire.

As a result of a well received performance, Smyth, along with electronica artist, A.M. and vocalist Andrea Wappel decided to take the show’s concept out of the church and into the clubs.

With Smyth swapping the pipe organ for a Hammond B3, the show features original music by A.M., Smyth, and Wappel as well as remixed songs by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, and more, all the while showcasing the organ's versatility.

With a line-up of10 full-time members featuring brilliant vocalists and a stellar horn and rhythm section as well as special guests including Montreal rapper Moreorles, the eclectic set full of great songs and rhythms guarantees an entertaining night that will be sure to get you moving!


Marty Smyth - Synchronous (2007); Danse Macabre (2005)
A.M. - Today Is...(2008); Underground (2006); This Is Me Dancing (2005)
Andrea Wappel - The Other Side (2008); Everything (2007)

Set List

The show is approximately 11/2 - 2 hours with 16-20 songs. Below is the set list of our last show in August 2008.
1. Blue Rondo a la Turk (Brubeck)
2. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
3. Let It Be (The Beatles)
4. Stalled (original by A.M.)
5. Campfire Girls (original by A.M.)
6. Aldwych Ave. (original by A.M.)
7. Shoulder Pads and Shiny Shoes (original by A.M.)
8. I am the Computer Man (original by A.M.)
9. Jam Hot (original by Marty Smyth)
10. Obscurity (original by Andrea Wappel)
11. Boom Snap Clap (original by A.M.)
12. Rock n' Roll or Trains (original by A.M.)
13. Against All Odds (Phil Collins/remixed by A.M.)
14. Praise You (Fatboy Slim)
15. Ride (original by Andrea Wappel/remixed by A.M.)
16. Thriller (Michael Jackson)
17. Thunderstruck (AC/DC)