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Making Dinner

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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eva jo, "self titled", 2001, available at

Making Dinner, "kitchen sessions" 2006 unreleased tracks available at

eva jo's new LP will be released in early 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


“It was like all of the ingredients finally stirred themselves together, and, well (laughs) dinner was served!” eva jo reminisces. The singer/songwriter had known cellist Marianka Madey since the two were in kindergarten. “If you had told her, at the age of six, when she was in her thirties she’d be playing in a band, she would have run away shrieking. This was a girl that was the first cellist in the Empire State Youth Orchestra. She barely even knew who the Beatles were.” But play in a band she does. And a popular one, at that.

Katie Pilat, the band’s bassist, came by way of a new year’s resolution. “I had received a bass as an unemployment present years ago from my husband, and then got a job that took up most of my time,” Katie recalls. “But last year I decided it was time to play, so I resolved to call up eva jo to see if she wanted to jam.” Katie and eva jo had met playing Frisbee in Golden Gate Park. “The first night as I arrived at Katie’s I was feeling exhausted from the day job, but the session was so great, I left exhilarated” eva admits. “Katie has this amazing talent, she’s the effervescence in a song. She makes things float,” Zarah agrees.

Both Devorah and Marianka had already been playing out with eva jo, and were both working on her new album at Goldfinger Studios in Novato, CA. “After we had the four of us, the only thing missing was the beat. I had a show coming up at 12 Galaxies in a few weeks, and thought, ‘this is it, the band is happening.’ So I called up a former coworker and told her to get her drum kit out of storage. She resisted, saying ‘I’ve never played through a song before.’ I said, 'but you have a kit, and we’re not picky.’ And Zarah was on board,” eva laughs again. “Devorah has this voice like melted butter and has been on stage her whole life, so when I told her we had a complete band and were ready to play, she, well, we were all pretty excited.”

eva jo meyers recorded her first full length album in 2001 in Thailand with Bangkok-based indie punk rockers, Sepia. Making Dinner is the fourth band she’s fronted. “I’ve been writing songs, literally, since I was six years old, and have been in one band or another since the 7th grade,” meyers, who writes all the band’s songs, says. “We’ve had some incredible shows. 12 Galaxies was a fantastic start, we brought down the house and it just keeps getting better. We’ve got a set list of catchy songs, but what really counts is that we have this great chemistry. Our goal is to have fun, and it’s contagious. Our fan base is touchingly loyal and seems to be growing exponentially. We love that. Plus, Dave Morey on KFOG said we’re ‘not bad!’ Yeah, we love that.”

Making Dinner has rocked the house at 12 Galaxies, the Red Devil Lounge, Blondie's Bar and No Grill, Dolores Park Movie Night, the Hoedown Festival, and private parties.