Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle mulit-instrumentalist Michael Perkins recorded songs under the moniker Maklak, playing all of the instruments himself. Drawing from the local influences of Nirvana and The Melvins, to name a few, Maklak serves up a modern melodic alternative rock blend that is turning heads across the US!


In 1997 MikeL Perkins,"in order to find true self-expression", started writing and recording his own music in his parents garage and playing every instrument, naming the project Maklak. With extreme passion and dedication from an early age; MikeL is a young man with the wisdom and experience beyond his years. Besides teaching himself over 9 instruments, he also developed a unique writing style with strong dynamics and hard timing shifts. By the age of 18 he had already: recorded 3 studio albums, played/booked/setup hundreds of concerts including one tour, received press and radio exposure, and much more. Nearing the rise of Maklak from a side-project to a full fledged act, MikeL moved from Whidbey Island to Seattle and continued to push himself in every direction including: starting a successful music teaching business, getting endorsed by drum company "Thumper Custom drums", co-founding an indie label, opening for HR (Bad Brains), and even getting his name in the Guinness book of world records! After 13 years since the spawning of Maklak, MikeL is vulnerably unleashing himself on the music scene in fierce way. Battling a failing economy and theft of instruments, Maklak just finished the month long West Coast leg of his "Underground Understanding" tour. Once back in Seattle, studio time with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) was set to complete the first official debut album (Released 09.12.2010). With MikeL and his live band's entertaining and high-energy performances; music fan's will want to check the band's often busy show schedule to see when Maklak will be stopping by your town!

Genres/Sound: Alternative, Grunge,Progressive, Rock.

Similar Bands/ Influences: Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Bad Brains, Melvins, Far, Failure

Based Out Of: Seattle, WA

Venues Played: Over 200 shows played in 2009-10 including two US tours, please inquire about specific show listings and reviews

Companies We've Worked With: TooledUp Productions(sponsor), Thumper Custom Drums (sponsor), Dirtbag Clothing (sponsor), Easy Street Records, Soundhouse Studio, KEXP, KWDB, LittleBen Productions, BandVan, GoLarge Records, DIA Records, Spokane DIY, Pyrate Punks, KNDD, the Stranger, Entercom Radio, etc.

NOTES: Recording debut album with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) this APRIL! Just finished DIY style West Coast tour! Have opened for HR (of Bad Brains) and One Line Drawing (Jonah from Far), Co-Founder of indie-label Invisible Enterprize LLC, Write-Ups In Seattle Weekly and other local press. Radio play on KEXP, KNDD, UCLA. I play every instrument (drums, bass, guitars, vocals) on my recordings.

Thanks for your time!


Cutting Clouds

Written By: Michael Perkins

Who’s your pen
Who’s washing your things
Those things you wouldn’t even touch
Those things you liked too much

I can’t help but notice
The door was cloudy
Today, and I tried to not let it
Bother me, I’ll be

In it all,
Lass we, the onlys' way
Why can’t we flow, along this day …drone the same

Now Cut it off
Now Cut it up
Now Cut it all
Now Cut it off

It’s all depending on this rain, Weather
it comes it today, what comes around
Who’s unsafe, Who’s your saint
Now you are, All the thief

Now cut if off

Unrated Edition

Written By: Michael Perkins

Still bottling after all this time
you’ve got your hand in mind,
still haven’t seen
Me on this stoop
YOU are the dream
who cut in line
take apart the worst of you and leave the rest

Less than known
In my heart
I’ve seen the worst of you…uh-oh

Seen enough to kill it all
little red dress or gown
feel despair and solitude
Aware of the pendulum of life
(it’s) STILL the same
just a little more skin and maybe too many wrong words slipped

Less than known
In my heart
I’ve seen the worst of you…uh oh
Less is more
In my home
I can’t wait for it to go
File –ed

Right back there crow(ing) in the hall
Drive to madness then take care again,
Built on a structure with only two fleets
Feel the ledge before the leap
See what is love and what is belief
Don’t know, Don’t know, need to kick myself harder this

Less than known
In my heart
I’ve seen the worst of you…uh oh
Less is more
Exposed and vulnerable
I will glow

(the more I know only serves to tell me how much I don’t)
File –ed

Lessons learned
In my heart
I’ll see the best in you or


Release Date:
Alternative (primary), Rock (secondary)
Liner Notes:
Produced By: MikeL Perkins Co-Produced By: Jack Endino Engineered & Mixed By: Jack Endino at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle,WA All Instruments By: MikeL Perkins
Mastered By: Chris Hanzsek

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Set List

1. The Sands
2. Cutting Clouds
3. E. Smith
4. Unrated Edition
5. Roseblood
6. Leggo Your Ego
7. To Blame

-set length 30min-60min