Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA

MALACHI ROCKS!! They have great original songs presented with unique vocals, impressive guitar and drum work. MALACHI is all about the Lord Jesus Christ and it is evident by their lyrics and overall ministry to the audience. They love the Lord!


MALACHI is one of East Tennessee's premiere Christian rock groups.
Combining God's ministry with exciting, explosive musical concerts has kept MALACHI very busy performing in festivals, churches, and other events. MALACHI has opened for major groups as well as headlining concerts themselves.
MALACHI also enjoys ministering with more relaxed acoustic praise and worship music that allows people to meditate on God and come to the altar to follow Jesus Christ.
MALACHI each grew up with different musical influences that is evident in the music that they create. this makes the songs of MALACHI a little bit like everyone's favorite song, yet totally new and original.
MALACHI will reach out and grab you with God's living word, and don't be surprised if you feel like jumping up and down, shouting while your getting it!!
MALACHI is always eager to serve God with the talents and abilities He has given them. they offer it back to Jesus as a praise offering in every concert.
Psalms 150 says; " to praise God with cymbals and stringed instruments. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. "


MALACHI currently has three completed projects to date.
1. Shed a Tear (cassette only) 1990
2. MALACHI (cassette only) 1996
3. SHINE ( CD ) 2001 available at
4. currently in studio working on new project

Current radio airplay for "No sad goodbyes", and " a heatbeat away" off of Shine, and " I love you, Lord " from unfinished CD.

MP3 samples can be heard at www. or at

Set List

Set list depends of type of venue and time given to perform. Generally, 1 or 2 hour concerts with approximately 7- 8 songs per set, approx. 45 to 55 minutes long.
We require some time during final set to speak to the audience concerning their state of salvation and like to give an oportunity to come forward to make decisions.
Song styles depends on type of venue we re performing at..