An ear-warmng glorious mix of roots, rock, folk, reggae, blues, gospel, soul, funk & R&B!


Roots, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Gospel, R&B, Folk & Pop is how you would attempt to describe the eclectic grooves of Malachi & the Music. The four boys from Cambridge, Ont. stumbled upon each other almost 2 years ago now when Malachi booked himself a series of 8 (full band) gigs, thinking they were solo shows! He only realized his slip after a confirmation phone call 3 days prior to the first gig, when the agent wanted to know if the whole band went by the name, "Malachi." Not wanting to give up the cold hard cash, he called up Jeremiah (who had just got layed off that day), and found himself an eager bass player. Still short of a drummer, Jeremiah ran into Victor at the mall the next day, and recruited him to make up the rhythm section. After having only 1 practice, the newly and grossly created 3-piece hit the stage and managed to hold it down! 6 months later Nilton happened to drop in on an open jam that the trio was now hosting at a local bar in Cambridge. Well after hearing Nilton rip up the sax on one of their original songs, they weren't about to let him get away!
Now just over a year later, Malachi & the Music have played over 200 shows at pubs, festivals, theatres and bars all across Southern Ontario. They also had the honour of opening up for the Legendary "Inkspots" at Hamilton Place Studio in April of 2009.
Malachi &the Music are currently in the last stages of their Debut Album, "A New Day" scheduled for release on April 13th, 2010. The album will feature 10 brand new songs which exemplify the stories, personalities and musical talents of each member. Malachi has already put out 2 solo albums "The Basement Sessions" and the self-title "Malachi" which he recorded himself in his home studio, "Mount Zion Studio's." But for the band, as exciting as its been for them to be in the studio, the drive and passion of the band still remains with their live performances. A recent article by the Local Vibe describes best how they captivate their live audiences::
"Malachi + The Music are a diverse collection of musicians who came together as the perfect compilation. The crowd was enjoying every moment of the band's roots-reggae-blues-pop-gospel-soul vibe. They have something for every person. They literally do every style of music imaginable and do it well. Their intensity never faltered, they are an interactive band that feels more like an experience more than just a show. Malachi and the music is something I would advise to any person." Shane Mackenzie~ Local Vibe


Current CD's

The Basement Sessions - 2007
Malachi - 2008

Set List

As a band, Malachi & the Music do both cover and original gigs.
Our original gigs range anywhere from 1 to 3 hours in duration. We rarely play less than an hour long set, unless asked to. I have over 50 original songs that we play.
Our regular cover gigs generally last anywhere from 3 - 5 hours, with breaks inbetween hour long sets. We cover a little of everything, including classic rock, blues, reggae, gospel, jazz, new music, pop, R&B, folk, etc.