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Tulsa, OK | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Tulsa, OK | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Hip Hop Instrumental




"MalachiRaw releases new mixtape"

MalachiRaw Shares New Mixtape "#MalachiRaw"
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Stream and download his latest release now.
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MalachiRaw is back with his latest mixtape, "#MalachiRaw". The project is currently available for streaming and download at the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes website.
The mixtape features 17 tracks, which include:
1. Goin Back In
2. Standin Strong
3. Never Ends
4. Walk Away Remix
5. A Breath
6. Complicated Boy
7. #MalachiRaw
8. May Mom Maintain Mortality
9. Let Her
10. Let It Go
11. Right Back At It
12. The Last Song
13. Killby Killz
14. Reflections
15. Triphekta
16. Ballad Of Newport
17. Back 2 The Beginning
MalachiRaw, of Newport, Arkansas, was born and raised in the heart of Jackson County, Arkansas. His love for music has been a part of who he is since he first played a set of drums in his church choir when he was 8 years of age. He naturally learned the drums right away and led his parents to realize he was gifted. In the following couple of years he, learned very quickly how to play guitar, piano, bass, saxophone, harmonica, and any other instrument he has picked up since. He listens to all genres of music and tries to incorporate them all in all of his songs.
His multi-faceted talent has led him to become a very creative, innovative, and inspirational musical icon for the locals in the town in which he resides. Along with playing multiple instruments, he plays different genres as well. He chose rap as his main form of artistic expression because, "Hip Hop and Rap consists of the most words in one song and I feel I have a way with words and a lot to say." He uses his gift of vocal persuasion to try to send a message that is positive to the world. In his songs you will not hear lyrics about money and fame. He likes to rap about real life struggles that the common person may experience and struggle with on a daily basis and one main trend in his music is oxymoronic. He doesn't rap about things to contradict himself but rather point out that there are more than just one point of view and everyone should understand the uniqueness of another being. This may help prevent controversy in his eyes.
Also known as Dazzy Juice, Juice The Truth, Big Juicy, DJ Hartsell, Malachi McNamara, and Lunchbox, MalachiRaw is very poetic, spiritually enlightening, and theraputic to listen to. If anyone was to sit and listen to his lyrics over and over again, they will still be surprised to catch a new "hidden message" in each line even after the 100th time listening to a song. His songs are very diverse, and unique and no two sound the same. Many different styles comes from this talented young man who has written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and published 10 songs in 9 days as part of a #7day7songchallenge that he created and completed for his own challenge completion task. From slow, emotional, sad, to uplifting and completely blissfully happy music, MalachiRaw is definitely someone with great potential in this industry. He is also a sound engineer, beat programmer, and independent label owner completely self taught. If anyone wants to know anyone about this young entreprenuer, they need just hashtag MalachiRaw.
For all the latest news and music from MalachiRaw, be sure to visit his official website.
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"Rosenthol Curtis Quoting MalachiRaw"

Hip Hop and Rap has more words in one song and i got a lot to say -

"Fan Remarks"

I'm so freakin sorry, just read all the post from friends and it is really hurting me to my soul. I have no friends either, been stabbed in the back, raped repeatedly, robbed repeatedly, stabbed, shot, lost beautiful children because of methamphetamine... I would really like to get to know you. I'm suffering through husband #2and .it is pretty much a done deal.

I have ALOT of issues but there is something about you that calls me. I'm s bit "happy" god bless you - Brenda James

"Fan Remarks from Me"

Malachi STRATE FU@7in RAW.. DUDES STRATE BEAST MODE.. Raw like sweaty nut sack, middle of the summer, been walkin round town like 32 hours chasin sacks.. THAT RAW
#MalachiRaw - Dj Hartsell


Still working on that hot first release.



Multi instrumentalist and amazing lyricist with a very multi faceted craft stepping into many genres and topics that everyone feels and wants to talk about but most fear to much.. Self awareness and teaching to judge only ones self instead of one another.. Peace and progression is the goal here.. Work together for the common goal..

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