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"Sonwriters Concert will Benefit Food Bank"

Songwriters concert will benefit food bank
Posted by Kay Demlow, Special to The Oregonian August 07, 2008 11:30AM
Categories: Hillsboro News

The "Song Writers in the Round" concert at 7 p.m. Saturday will provide a close-up setting for live, local music and will benefit a local charity.

The songwriters are Eldorado Gene, Sarah Adams, Skip Farmer, Sandy Farmer and Malachi Sterling. They will sit in a semi-circle facing the audience and take turns singing and playing their original music, both solo and in combination.

The concert takes place at Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre, 185 S.E. Washington St. Tickets are $10 per person. All ticket sales will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.


In other news

* During August, Sequoia Gallery & Studios will feature artists Rebecca Buchanan, Claire Duren and Beth O'Mahony. A Brown Bag Artists' Talk will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. today.

Duren's focus is her paintings of distant places she has visited that have captured her imagination. Buchanan's abstract oil paintings are based on the body, mindful of exterior forces and things unchangeable. O'Mahony's pottery forms are inspired by ancient designs. All three are members of the Hillsboro Visual Art Association. Work from other association members also is on display in the gallery; the show continues through Aug. 30.

The gallery is at 136 S.E. Third Ave. Details: 503-693-0401.

* Visit Influence Gallery in August to see works by local artists Heriberto Rodriguez Garcia and Marilynn Henry. This month's exhibit ends Aug. 30. The gallery is at 231 E. Main St. Details: 503-693-1741.

-- Kay Demlow
- Argus News Paper

"Malachi Sterling"

Nathanial Ingram picked up the Mountain Dulcimer at the age of 10 and realized he had a gift of music and songwriting. He is what some may call a "child prodigy"
He decided to sing with the Portland Youth Philharmonic Choir. Nathanial was later introduced to John Cash and Neil Young and was inspired so much by them that he was given a guitar for his 12th birthday and wrote and produced his first composition, “In the Beginning". After 1 year of intensive training, Nathanial produced his first full length CD called, "Summertime in the City", with 26 tracks of AMAZING music, from the genres of Bluegrass, Blues, Folk and Light Rock and Comedy that is available for purchase at Music Millennium and CD BABY.COM/MALACHI STERLING.
Taking up the stage name of Malachi Sterling,he has had the pleasure of playing what he calls, "Stringed Poetry", at Oregon Bluegrass festivals,
Oregon Folk Festivals,
The Satyr icon Night Club, The Music Millennium NW in Portland,Oregon,
Hillsboro,Oregon Civic Center
Liven Green Earth Day Tribute.
He has had the pleasure of meeting or played with the likes of Legends-
Allison Krause,
Kyle Vincent,
David Holt,
The Jug Banjoneers,
Brooks and Dunn,
Michael Allen Harrison,
Rick Scaggs,
Chris Collins,
and many other seasoned musicians from all over the West Coast.
Fresh out of the studio, Malachi has just produced his second CD,"DEFUZED", with 17 tracks of great music. Malachi writes and performs all his own music and lyrics and draws and paints the artwork in his CD.
Hillsboro Argus has published articles on Nathanial Ingram's(aka) Malachi Sterling many achievements as a
"child prodigy" from all his artistic aspects.
Malachi graduated from liberty high school with honors this last spring and plans to continue his education at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts this Fall 2008. His most recent performance to place at the Hillsboro H.A.R.T. Theater with Eldorado Gene and the Song Writers in the Round charity concert. All benefit went to the Oregon Food Bank. With 5 new songs for CD #3 and a bright future Malachi will continue to bring us his beautiful music. - Nathans Creations

"CD BABY Independent Music"

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MALACHI STERLING: Summertime in the City
Malachi Sterling
Summertime in the City

© 2007 Malachi Sterling/AKA/Nathanial Ingram (634479553844) (format: CD-R)
CD price: $12.99

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My creative unconsciousness, like an old wine bottle had become instantaneously uncorked and the music began flowing out as if I'd been composing my whole life.

1 Summertime in the City (Keys)
2 If I Could Fly
3 Bear Creek
4 Fade In
5 12 String Pick
6 In My Back Yard
7 Thinking of the Sea
8 Rosalee's Turn
9 Lonely Bird
10 A Better Place to Be
11 Elli's Music Box
12 Monday Morning Blues
13 In the Beginning
14 Wild Fire
15 Railroad Bill
16 Pick-a-long
17 Rampage
18 Find My Way Back Home
19 Instrumental Mix
20 Transitions
21 Blues Banjo
22 Summertime in the City
23 If I Could Fly
24 The Night You Said My Wife Was Fat
25 I Sold My Soul This Morning
26 Walking Down a One Way Street (Keys)

* Folk: Folk Blues
* Easy Listening: Mood Music
* Type: Acoustic

By Location

* USA: Oregon

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Malachi Sterling

Singer, Songwriter, Composer

* Have written and produced over 40 pieces of music and lyrics

* 15 years of Art Experience, including charcoal, paint, pencil, acrylic, wood, steel, ceramic, enameling

* Jewelry Maker, including various types of hot and cold connections

* Experienced musician with multiple instruments, including 12 string, 6 string and Classical Guitar, Dobero, Old Style jazz new grass and Claw Hammer Banjo,

Mandolin, Mountain Dulcimer, Harmonica, Ukulele

* Public Performances:

Portland Saturday Market , Folk Festivals, Bluegrass Jams, Influence Gallery, Jays Cafe, Farmers Market, Poetry Jams,

* Intermission Act @ “Jug Banjoneers” Bluegrass festival in Portland, Ore.

* In store Performance at Music Millennium NW

July 14th,2007, 1:00 PM

* "LivenGreen" John Denver Tribute Concert, Hillsboro,Oregon

* Opening Act at the Satyricon, Portland,Oregon

* Opening Act for Kyle Vincint @ Influence Gallery, Hillsboro, Oregon

*Personal Appearance & CD RELEASE @ Music Millennium N.W,Portland,Oregon

Extracurricular Activities:

* Play , write and perform music

* Field biology and Wildlife Conservationis

* Cartoonist/Artist/Painter/Fashion Coordinater

Nathanial Ingram has the stage name, the tough-yet-sensitive look and the hunger that just might make him a star. The 17-year-old Hillsboro musician performs most Friday evenings at downtown Hillsboro's Influence Gallery's open mike sessions. Ingram, who performs as Malachi Sterling, has no qualms about picking up his guitar between sets played by more seasoned singers and players and opening his heart with self-penned lyrics about love and life. He likes to sing about life experiences - friends', love, hurt, leaving, tears and the promise of brighter days. Saturday, July14th,2007 Ingram made a major move in his career with an appearance at Portland's renowned Music Millennium where the famous and hope-to-be famous have been showcased for many years. Ingram picked up his guitar and sang for a wider audience. The event also released his CD "Summertime in the City," produced by local pianist Dave Lee.

A mostly self-taught musician who plays banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele, piano and harmonica as well as 6- and 12-string guitar and more. Ingram/Malachi Sterling listened almost obsessively to Johnny Cash after the country great died in 2003.

He was soon writing music of his own and now performs a mix of his own and other's work at Portland Saturday Market, Hillsboro Farmers Markets, folk festivals, poetry jams and cafes and coffee shops.

Before a recent appearance at Influence Gallery, Malachi Sterling, with an entourage of friends and family, talked about being misunderstood, his early artistic and literary achievements (one year with the Children's Philharmonic Choir, third place in a Reading Rainbow literature contest, years of experience as an artist and jewelry maker) and his goals.

Malachi Sterling keeps grounded through a supportive family.

Michael and Michelle Di Napoli encourage their son's artistic endeavors. The young musician, hopes to attend Juilliard or the Oregon college of Arts and Crafts after he graduates from Glencoe High School, where he maintains a 3.0 grade average.

Wearing scruffy blue jeans and a leather vest, Malachi Sterling with the rings on his fingers, shoulder-length, curly hair and his Greek fisherman's-style cap, settles on a stool and takes a deep breath before launching into his outstanding music, working hard in the studio. Malachi is eagerly waiting to release his second CD, “Defuzed”; a composition of all his latest works which focuses on the more folk blues side of music.

"Through Visual Arts and Beautiful Lyrics, to the Magical Musical Sounds he continues every day to bring to this world, I am pleased and so proud to introduce to you Malach Sterling".

"Fortunate One You Are...

Reaching for every star,

Wanting whats more , there's so much to explore,

You are The Fortunate One"
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Yo cold be a Legend
author: Angelique

You are amazing ,I love you . You are going to be a Super Star someday. Your the REAL AMERICAN IDOL- Someone with REAL TALENT!!
You could be a legend .
author: Michelle DiNapoli

Your music is so deep and meaningful. You got a Bob Dylan and John prine thing going on. I hear a Doc Watson influence in your sound. I love you. You are the next NEW AMERICAN IDOL- Someone with real talent baby... Keep up the great work!!
I think you're a GREAT singer!
author: Micah

My favorite song on your Cd is The Night You Said My Wife Was Fat. I really liked the humor throughout the song.
Words can not explain
author: Shauna

Words can not explain how I feel about the music in this CD. Every song have brings me to a new place with a new vision. It is very unique just like the young man behind it all!! Keep it up.

One of you biggest fans
author: Michelle

This Kid is spectacular. A genious and Legend in the making.ASo successful at 17 he is already working on his second CD. The first iCD is so awesome, I cant wait to hear the next!! Im so proud of you Nathan, Keep up the great work, Forever-Michelle

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"Malachi Sterling"


Abstract, Modern Artist and Folk,Bluegrass, Indie singer, songwriter and composer;
Appearing At:
"Influence Gallery"
Saturday, October 27th/7:oo pm
Opening Act for Headliner
Tickets only $30.00

Also Appearing At:
" The Satyr icon "
Saturday, November 10th/6:30 pm
Tickets only $8.00/ $10.00 @the door

You can Contact
" Needful Services Productions"
" Nathans Creations "
Check us out on the WEB!!! creations

- Willamette Weekly


All over the web, Buy it @CD,
MP3 download site's, For sale at Music Millenium



I come from a long line of musicians, singers writers and artists. I can trace my artistic heritage back on both sides of my family. I suppose my DNA was inevitably going to make me the creative eccentric I have become. I started drawing as soon as I could sit up. My mother really encouraged me to bring out all that I was in some type of artistic form. I have many good memories of my child hood. I remember sitting at my grandmothers piano and playing all day singing and becoming one with the artist deep in my soul while my mother clapped along and filmed me a lot. Grandpa built a stage in the garage for my cousins and me to put together performances. My cousin’s and I would sing and dance and be silly. I am very fond of those years.
My parents invested in piano lessons when I was nine and when I was 10, my parents bought a mountain dulcimer so I taught myself to play and I then decided to try out for the Portland Youth Philharmonic Choir and sing, so I gained the fun and experience needed to perform in front of large audiences. I was honored by singing with Michael Alan Harrison as well. That just was not enough for me. I felt something was missing. I went to my first concert, The Meringue Band which consisted of a large group of fellows with hand made wood xylophones that stood 4 feet high. It was incredible! My soul was opened up to a whole other type of music I had never heard before. Around the same time frame I wrote and illustrated a book called, “The legend of Ishbandoo”. I entered and competed in the Reading Rainbows Writers and Illustrators State Competition. I place 3rd in State and got my picture in the Argus News. That summer I went to see Allison Krause at the Portland Zoo, and fell in love with the Banjo.
At age of 12, I was introduced to John Cash and was inspired by him so much, I realized I had a gift of music and songwriting and I was given a guitar for my birthday. After 1 year of intensive self training I wrote my first composition, "In the Beginning". My parents decided to invest the next two and a half years of intensive training for me with Master Benjamin Haynor and Master Barbara Galloway. When I was 15 my parents bought a Mandolin for my sister so I taught myself to play and participated in the Liven Green Earth Day tribute at the Hillsboro Civic Center and played; John Denver‘s song, “Blow Up your TV”, and my song “DEFUZED”. They finally bought a Banjo for my 16th Birthday and I composed my first Banjo piece that night.
In 2007,when I turned 17, I had my first CD release with Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon. My parents invested everything they had into my music or art, giving me the opportunity to compose and produce my first 26 track CD called, "Summertime in the City", genres of Bluegrass, Blues, Folk and Light Rock and Comedy. That same year I opened for Kyle Vincent have had the pleasure of playing at Bluegrass festivals, Folk Festivals, Satyricon Night club. I was honored with an article of my achievements and a photo with my guitar that appeared on the front page of Hillsboro Argus’ community section.
In my 18 years I have had the pleasure of meeting, jamming or just seeing legends like Allison Krauss, David Holt, The Jug Banjoneer’s, Brooks and Dunn, Michael Allen Harrison, Rick Scagg’s, Doc Watson, John Prine, Chris Collins, and many other seasoned musicians from all over the West Coast. . While I trained in music over the years, I continued to peruse my Arts. I just graduated High School completing the 2008 State Requirements of CIM and CAM with a Mastery of Arts. I give many thanks to “Producer and Musician” Dave Lee, for helping me produce my CD’s; “Summertime in the City” and “Defuzed”; that has 19 tracks of fresh music right out of the studio. Thanks to my supportive parents for believing in me and giving me all the love and guidance they could give and to my sisters for standing by me all those years and letting me -be me and to my grandparents who always loved me just the way I am.