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"A Latin American plaza springs up in Chicago"

Music and dance go hand in hand at each show, along with the easygoing feel of a fiesta among friends, the true root of the Pena transplanted from Latin America to Chicago with sound and savor intact.

This season includes some notable firsts in the quest for true Latino variety, with rock-en-Espanol, Ecuadorian music and traditional Afro-Colombian culture in the mix. The menu as a whole jumps between salsa, bachata, son, samba and much more.

one show stands out.

- - -

Maladicto (Feb. 6)

Metallic Mex-Rican rock probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Latino music, but these up-and-coming Spanish-language thrashers might leave ears ringing when they grind out some politically charged, Chicago-bred heavy anthems.
- Chicago Tribune by Ben Ortiz

"Maladicto at Old Town Review"

La musica de Maladicto es contagiosa, de eso no hay duda, y esta noche la presentacion de la banda fue espectacular. Con ritmos de rock pesado fusionados con toques tropicales, incluyendo los movimientos esotericos del vocalista Manuel, esta banda da mucho de que hablar. Rick, detras de la bateria, con un ritmo casi perfecto, le da ese toque diferente a lo ya clasico de musica de rock pesada, incluyendo los ritmos bailables de cumbia. El guitarista defiende bien su porte de 'chingon' (en buena onda, mi chavo) realizando efectos sobre la guitarra que harian a cualquier amante de este instrumento celoso. Y el bajista junto con el percusionista tocan comodamente como si esto fuera juego de niños, algo facil y a la vez indiscutiblemente excelente. La letra de las canciones refleja su cultura, politica y la lucha diaria para proteger sus derechos. Tienen presente lo que viven a diario dejando atras lo que otras bandas usan constantemente. Su musica es autentica y lo reflejan en cada presentacion. Toda esta gran combinacion los destaca de lo "normal" dentro de la escena de rock y eso es algo buenisimo. La neta! En hora buena, - Alejandra Z.

"Maladicto is back and cutting loose again"

Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to children who have lost their hair, is about to receive a substantial donation from local Latin rockers Maladicto.

Bassist Freddie Maldonado, whose jet-black hair flows well past his shoulders, is prepared to trim his locks and pass them on once the group releases its long-in-the-making debut, possibly in February.

"It's a promise I made to myself" when the band was on hiatus, explains Maldonado. "I said I would grow my hair until Maladicto gets back together and records an album."

For awhile, it seemed that would never happen.

The six-piece band, which started playing together in 2004, split in 2006 over what Maldonado terms "business differences." It wasn't until 2007 that the group decided to reform and give it another go, allowing the bassist to make good on his pledge.

Upon reconvening, the band invited percussionist and longtime Chicagoan Carlos Garcia into the fold. Garcia, who has shared the stage with "nearly every Latin artist that has passed through Chicago in the last 20 years" has enjoyed cutting loose with the hard-rocking crew.

"We played [the Milwaukee Latin Music Festival] and the crowds were going wild," says Garcia, who grew up worshiping Santana, Cream and Led Zeppelin. "There were ladies rolling towards [the stage] with one hand on the baby carriage and the other hand in the air giving the devil's horns."

A lot of that energy extends from wiry singer Manny Nieves, whom Maldonado describes as looking "like a cross between Willem Dafoe and Mick Jagger." Nieves also pens all of the band's lyrics, ignoring topics such as love and heartbreak to write songs about social injustice. One brutal song, for instance, deals with police corruption.

Nieves "is a young man that has struggled," continues Maldonado. "He looks around and says, 'This is your justice? This isn't justice.'"

The band has no plans to tone down its act when it makes its first appearance at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Wednesday. Despite the intimate confines, Garcia pledges the guitars will still hit with a bunker-busting impact. "We're a rock band," he says as a means of justification. And even if attendees don't speak the language, there's still plenty to take away from the band's sonic assault.

"We'll listen to all this German metal and we don't understand anything they're singing," says Garcia. "But I'll be damned if we don't understand the music. [Music] is one thing that can transcend race and culture."

- Chicago Tribune Andy Downing

"Rock Scarz Magazine"

Featured in their debut release of the magazine as upcoming bands. Also featured Max Calavera and many more bands..... - Rock Scarz

"Illinois Entertainer CD Review"

Salsatonico Bailando La Danza De La Venganza, Maladicto’s sensational debut
album, is a brilliant, blood-riling fusion of pulverizing American hardcore and
swaggering Latin grooves. The breakdown and feedback hook in “Calvario”
provides a smashing sonic soundtrack befitting Manny Nieves’ incendiary lyrics. It
adds Brazilian heat to “Lamento Latino” and “Cumbiatron” with hip-shaking
rhythms and thumping percussion. (
– Patrick Conla - Illinois Entertainer


Maladicto Demo 2004

Salsatanico...Bailando La Danza De La Venganza 2008



Ben Ortiz of the Chicago Tribune (January 2008) best described it as a “Mexi-Rican thrashers delight”.

Andy Downing of the Chicago Tribune (February 2008), “Even if attendees don’t speak the language, there’s plenty to take away from the band’s sonic assault.
Maladicto – Band Bio

Maladicto is an aggressive and distinctive blend of hard rock with Latin roots. Hailing from Chicago, Maladicto features the individual and collective talents of Puerto Rican and Mexican members whose passion and overwhelming presence can be felt by all who experience their music.

Maladicto’s unique brand of hardcore Latin rock has been molded by influences like the Fabulosas Cadillac’s, Puya, Carlos Santana, Sepultura, and Fania All Stars just to name a few. Their debut album titled ‘Salsatanico …Bailando la danza de la venganza’ is sure to leave ears ringing. Their hardcore riffs combined with the Latin grooves will definitely appeal to both Latin and rock genres. Maladicto released their first album in 2008 and have already begun gathering material for the second album.

Much of Maladicto’s energy is amplified by singer Manny Nieves, who writes all of the bands lyrics, which stray from the typical love and heartbreak themes. The band and Nieves instead choose to focus on social injustice with their music, with songs that engage subject matter like police abuse, cultural oppression and political corruption.

Maladicto wears their heart and soul on their sleeves, with their music reflective of their heritage, culture, and respect for life and death. Life experiences have shaped them into who they are today, and their music continues to entertain and grow on the audiences that experience it.


Nosotros somos un grupo de rock latino, formado en Chicago con miembros de Puerto Rico y Mexico. El reflejo de nuestro sonido es la influencia de nuestra sangre que corre por nuestras venas y la sociedad que somos expuestos.

En una sociedad donde la propaganda, guerras injustas, y innocentes mueren cada dia. Donde te aceptan ilegal para el capital, pero eres ilegal para ser parte de el. Donde eres criado en conformismo y hay racismo en tu idioma propio. Donde todo lo superficial nos atrae y perdemos toda nuestra humanidad. Donde te olvidas de quien eres y pa’ donde vas.

Por eso el motivo de Maladicto es transcender generos, culturas, razas, y sembrar ejemplo de unidad de Latino America para el mundo, con sentimiento profundo, el talento vagabundo, en el que en vez de una escena musical creemos una hermandad….formar ese puente por cual nuestra raza sea ejemplo inmortal de superacion, sacrificio y que se abra un manana de fuerza y esperanza.

Gracias por su apoyo

Que Viva nuestro Mexico, Puerto Rico, y toda la raza latina!!!!!!!