Malassis is a project of former Emok vocalist/bassist - the music is song oriented, very organic and fluid, but has a punk edge.


Malassis is the creation of Itai Asseo, former vocalist and bassist for the band Emok. In contrast to the loud and abrasive music he wrote before, Itai's new material is more song oriented, organic but very lively and with a punk rock edge. Other members in the live set of Malassis include Mary Andrews of The Costal Drag as a multi-instrumentalist, Jason Binnick on Bass and Liron Peled on drums. Malassis's debut album is our on Spaff records in August of 2006.


Malassis - Birds Like Bricks (Spaff - 2006)

Set List

The Malassis set is about 30 minutes and consists of the songs from the debut album.