MALAVERA is probably one of the most genre bending bands out there today. Garage rock, british rock, folk music, dance rock, alternative pop and even celtic merge beautifully in its music.


Formed in 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Malavera sounds nothing like the south american music scene and instead has been compared to british rock and american garage music.


The Sex Scene

Written By: Malavera

Give me something
no one cares.
Give me one thing
I can call mine.
Something harmless.
Something shameless.
In all these years
I kept trying to
believe you’re innocent
like myself.
And we get along just fine
wasting all my time.
And I’m picking up the parts
but parts never work.
They can never fit the frame
Don’t know how to say
Feel like I’ve been wasting
Feel like I’ve been cheated
Feel like I’ve been laughed at
Feel like I’ve been lied to
Can I get another chance?
I know that you did
All these people are your friends?
They all just play a part.

And the voice inside your head
Says your´not dead
and the void in your heart
Says you can still tick it.
Won’t you understand
I am not your friend
Friends don’t care I’m vicious
Friends don’t make me precious.

Give me credit for the truth I say
Give me one thing
and I won’t go missing.
Say you will stand by me
and I’ll stay with you.

But all this rambling of mine
That I’ve been wasting precious time
Cause I’ve been thinking on my (life)
I’ve been sitting on the top
And I’ve been flying way too high
High enough to crash and die
And I’ve been sinking all the time
And I’ve been lying to myself

Letting all go by.
Riding on hot air.
And the pressure’s building up
but this bomb will never blow.
Rage is sinking in
for the enemy within.
I’ve been skipping all the tracks
in the record of our life.
All the sorrow I can take
Makes me feel so high.
Can I cash on your luck just once
Don’t you tell me we’re the same
Can’t you see this seems so lame
Feeling like it’s not our day.
I feel….

Don’t even try to pretend
That half the love that you gave
weight more than all of my share
When all the things that you gave
you gave them all to yourself.
It’s nice to be wise
but don’t get me started
you ain´t in my league yet.

Feeding on my pain
What’s left to gain
Jealous means the same
Keep on changing names
The result is all too plain
Somehow you will know
how to lay off when it’s hot
sensing when it’s dark
you always know.


Demos (2009)

Set List

Not enough space here to write our set list but about 50´ long including two covers by David Bowie.