Malcolm Middleton

Malcolm Middleton

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR
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Co-founder of seminal Scottish band Arab Strap, Malcolm Middleton is also a critically-acclaimed solo artist with five solo albums to his credit (over and above the seven he penned with Aidan Moffat as Arab Strap).


Malcolm Middleton’s career, spanning both his solo work and the legacy of Arab Strap, has seen him established as one of Scotland’s most respected musicians and songwriters. Working with Aidan Moffat, he developed a vision for Arab Strap that was entirely unique: Aidan's (often shockingly frank) confessionals were perfectly offset against Malcolm's effortlessly melodic guitars, inspiring an enthralled fan-base that followed the band devoutly through every chapter of their career. From their irreverently bold, kitchen sink debut, ‘The Week Never Starts Round Here’ - that predated The Streets by almost eight years - through to the resolutely upbeat, if no less thoughtful explorations of ‘The Last Romance’, Arab Strap remain one of music's most precious commodities: a fearlessly original band who were strangers to compromise.

Malcolm’s first solo outing predated Arab Strap’s dissolution by four years, “5:14, fluoxytine, seagull, alcohol, john, nicotine” arriving in September 2002. Lyrically, Malcolm's songs are wryly candid, as full of black humour as anything penned by Moffat; Malcolm also pulls off the trick of writing deeply personal songs which still resonate with the listener. From a musical point of view, Malcolm’s gift for melody is renowned, shrouding Arab Strap's songs for years in wonderfully evocative guitar lines. With his own material, he's taken that freedom and ran with it: from the sparsely bleak arrangements of '5:14...' to the romping ABBA-esque pop and catchy electronica inhabiting 'Into The Woods' and A Brighter Beat, the music never fails to be evocative.
With six Arab Strap and five solo albums under his belt, Malcolm Middleton is about to embark on a new phase of his career. Taking a well earned rest after the release of ‘Waxing Gibbous’ in 2009, Malcolm recharged his batteries and now, reinvigorated and with several projects currently in development, Malcolm is looking for a publishing partner to help him realise the potential of his new material. For an artist of Malcolm’s experience and stature, the importance of having an enthusiastic, proactive publishing partner can’t be overstated: Malcolm is anxious to work with a publisher that will play a role in his creative development, one that understands Malcolm’s market and can help him forge new creative partnerships.
Malcolm: “I’m currently nearing completion on two collaboration albums: one with Mira Calix (Warp) and the other with David Shrigley (artist). I’m also going into the studio in October to record the first Human Don’t Be Angry album. It differs slightly from my solo work, in that it’s slightly more ambient and less conventionally structured.”


Malcolm Middleton Album Discography:

Arab Strap
The Week Never Starts Round Here, 1996
Philophobia, 1998
Elephant Shoe, 1999
The Read Thread, 2001
Monday At The Hug & Pint, 2003
The Last Romance, 2005
Ten Years Of Tears, 2006

Malcolm Middleton
5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine, 2002
Into The Woods, 2005
A Brighter Beat, 2007
Sleight Of Heart, 2008
Waxing Gibbous, 2009