Malcolm Petch

Malcolm Petch


Malcolm Petch's music is piano centered Adult-Oriented Rock, and the arrangements include everything from driving guitars to french horns.


Bearing influences from such diverse sources as the Eagles, Supertramp, Bob Dylan, Larry Norman, Peter Gabriel, Phil Keaggy, Kerry Livgren and Kansas, Sting, and Randy Stonehill, Malcolm Petch's music addresses life from the inside out; it is as comfortable acknowledging the crappy days as it is celebrating the good ones.

After a brief stint as a solo singer/songwriter, Malcolm became part of an existing BC (Canada) duo named Robins and Strauss (which became, for a fleeting moment, Robins, Strauss, and Petch) before heading into 15 years of employment as a worship and music pastor at 3 successive Canadian churches. This role gave Malcolm ample opportunity to hone his stage skills, as he fronted a band regularly 2 or 3 times a month to crowds of 400 to 900 people.

In January of 2005 Malcolm left vocational ministry to begin a recording and video production company (Escape Artist Music and Motion Inc) where he now spends his time as a singer/songwriter, producer, and session player on a full-time basis.

Malcolm's wealth of experience both live and in the studio helps him be right at home on stage in front of 20 people or 2000 people. His honest lyrics and powerful melodies often leave listeners feeling more deeply in touch with their own life experience - and actually usually have the listeners singing along!


Be My Strength

Written By: Malcolm Petch

When the darkness is closing all around
When my heart fails at every little sound
When the battles that knocked me to the ground
Try to taunt me that you are not around

Agitation that colours all I see
Tries to reach out and put its hold on me
But from the centre of all that I can be
Here's my spirit, fighting to be free

Be my strength
Be my strong and mighty tower
Be my refuge in the night
Be my strength
Be the one that I can run to
Be my refuge; hold me tight

You are the one I've waited for
Strong is your hand of love
to lead me through this war

Whatever It Takes

Written By: Malcolm Petch

Lord, I Really Need To See
Me In You, You In Me
Until All That I Can Be
Is A Part Of You, To Do The Things You Want Me To

Lord, I Really Need To Know
What To Say, Where To Go
Until I Begin To Grow
Into Part Of You, To Live The Life You Want Me To

Whatever It Takes, Dear Lord
I Need Your Fire In My Soul
Until My Heart Breaks And I Begin
To Let You Make Me Whole
Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes Dear Lord
I Need You Fire In My Soul
Until My Heart Breaks And I Begin
To Let You Take Control
Whatever It Takes

Poured Out Like Oil

Written By: Malcolm Petch

How good, how faithful You are
Your mercy is given
to countless generations
How pure, how holy You are
Yet You have chosen to dwell here in me

And so I bow to You
I spend my life on You
Poured out like oil, here on Your feet
Though it may cost me all

And so I worship You
I spend my life on You
Poured out like oil, precious perfume
Here on the feet of my Lord


Malcolm Petch released several self-produced albums in the early to mid 1980's which are no longer available (Escape, Stretched To The Limit, and Dreams, to name a few) and a live CD entitled Worship From The Valley with two friends in 1998 which is available on-line from different sources (just type "Malcolm Petch" into a search engine).